First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 49

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You didn’t speak to Ryan. You didn’t look at Ryan. You’d walk with Rene in the hall sometimes but you couldn’t look at Ryan. He didn’t look at you either. The scene kept flashing back. His hand, it just went up and touched your bra strap. Maybe he didn’t know, maybe it was kind of on accident. What would have happened if Steve’s stupid loud voice came to save the day? How awkward it would’ve been. Maybe your bra strap was showing and he was trying to cover it up? No one knew but you and him. You’d walk away when it was just you and him and you’d talk to anyone nearby, Lily, Evan, Jenna, anyone.

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  1. “Hey, Rene, when’s your last dance?” you ask her. “Um, on the 25th my team’s gonna dance for Ryan’s basketball group and then on the 30th my team’s going to dance for the football team,” said Rene. “There’s a really hot guy there!” she squeals. “What, Ryan?” you asked. “NO, haven’t you seen the guy? What’s his name, Chris or something? But I just love watching him play!” she squeals again. Oh god, Rene crushing on Chris. “Okay then,” you said uncomfortably moving away from her to the bathroom. It was Tuesday in the lunchroom and Rene just got orange and blue braces. In a way, it made her look even cuter. Ryan kept asking her to smile and then he’d crack up. “Shut up you meanie,” Rene would say with a hurt baby voice and try not to open her mouth so much. “Sorry, you just look weird with braces,” said Ryan.
  2. “Hey Rene, go and ask Chris out. And then when you swap spit, your braces are gonna get stuck,” you said aloud. “Swap spit?” Rene asks. Ryan couldn’t hold back his laughter. She finally got it. “SHUT UP ERIN, I’M NOT GONNA KISS HIM AND HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE BRACES!” she squeals in a really loud volume.
  3. You go into the hallway to the girl’s restroom. You walk into A’ la Carte. Chris was in there with a buddy or two. One guy was the same guy from last year that got you guys all a clean-up duty. Jessica had moved away, you heard. No one missed her much except her two close friends. You walk pass him. You heard a “Quack.” “Shut up,” you mumble. Chris’s friends went on their way. He quacks again as he stands next to you. You took an ice cream cup from the freezer. “What,” you said. “Hey, I won’t be able to see you in cross country,” said Chris. It was the first time he actually spoke words to you through the year so far. “How were the hula girls?” you grumble.
  4. “Totally hot, shoulda seen me surf the waves. Them waves are mean this year. Wanna see some pictures I took with them hot hula girls?” he asks you. “No thanks,” you said. “Hey, I brought something back,” said Chris. “Great, a flower wreath?” you asked. “No, something I promised to bring you,” said Chris, “I couldn’t bring food, cuz it wouldn’t last long, but yeah I got something cool. I’ll show you after lunch at my locker,” said Chris. “Uh, okay,” you said as you went to pay for your ice cream. “But, I’ll come see you for the second half of your football game because we start earlier,” you told him.
  5. Every Saturday, Ryan and Rene would come over to play Connect Four with you and Steve would order pizza. Two large pepperonis for your siblings, Mum and Steve, and two medium pizzas for you guys upstairs. One pizza of sausage and pepperoni and one pizza of mushrooms, green and red peppers, olives and pepperoni. Ryan and Rene would bring orange pop. Rene usually brought the kind in cans while Ryan brought the two liter kind and he’d bring the empty liter bottle home. He said he collected them. The last Saturday of Connect Four, Rene lost as usual. As usual, she doesn’t mind and helps herself to more pizza. Today she brought a bag of tootsie rolls as well. You popped one in your mouth as you eyeballed the game set up. You had the red checkers, Ryan had black. Classic. Ryan always had a three way to go plan. You had one too. Just then his cell phone buzzes. His Mum’s car was waiting outside. They had to go to a friend’s birthday party and it was urgent. So he left the game unfinished. And you guys always played with whoever didn’t finish their game.
  6. It was another day after practice. You were careless. You dropped something. “Hey, miss idiot, you dropped something,” said Ryan running up to you from behind. He was holding something white. A square, kind of folded. Your eyes widen. You snatch the pad from Ryan and glared at the floor. You couldn’t look up at Ryan, you were blushing madly from embarrassment. “What?” he asks. So he didn’t realize what he just gave you. You let out a silent breath and that did it. “Oh… sorry! I didn’t know what it was- I-“ Darn, he just realized what he gave you. You disappeared into the nearest girl’s restroom. You sat down in the corner. He wouldn’t come in. Come in did he. His head popped around the door. “GET OUT PERVERT!” you screamed chucking your pencil box at his head. It hit his head.
  7. That was the second time in your whole life that you threw something at something you thought you’d never hit. It was like trying to catch a bird or a squirrel with your bare hands when you saw it. Or running after ducks when there were flocks around. You had pounced on that bird in the yard once, knowing you’d never hit it and you hit it. You actually jumped on it and nearly killed it. Your Mum didn’t yell at you. She knew that the sight of the bird’s damaged wing and leg was punishing you every day. She nursed it back somehow without going to a vet.
  8. But never again would you run too close to the butterfly for fear you’d crush it. Ryan usually dodged all flying things you threw at him. This time, somehow you had actually gotten him. You had thrown the pencil box hard. It was a pencil box with an edge. Ryan’s head had disappeared but you slowly got up and cautiously peeked out. He was still there with a hand on his head. “Oversized robot hunk,” he mumbled at you. It was bleeding. Just a little thin line down his head. But the cut was still deep. You went back inside and came back with a wet paper towel. “Hold this to you head,” you told him. “No, I’m just gonna put my headband on,” he said as he pulled a sweat drenched headband out of his jean pocket.
  9. You yelped, “Gross! Ryan don’t,” you told him but he put it on anyways. Rene was gone again to check her braces so once again you guys went home without your usual human stereo. And for the first time you wished the human stereo was here because it was awkward. You weren’t sure if the air was supposed to be a little mad or grudgingly or still somewhat embarrassed that Ryan now kind of knows you started having a period already, or that Ryan had stuck his head into a girl’s restroom and got injured by an inaccurate girl.
  10. But you managed to convince Ryan to come to your house. You guys were in the bathroom. You took the headband and soaked it in a sink of water. You wiped Ryan’s wound with a cool towel, dabbed a thin layer of your Mum’s ointment on and put a band aid on his head. You use your thumb to smooth it out and make sure the band aid was sticking. You were aware Ryan was staring at you. The time slowed. You were suddenly staring back at him. His hand comes up and- touches your bra strap. The door opened in the living room and your Mum is singing with Steve, “La la la la, la la la la, Elmos’s world!”

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