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  1. Rene and Ryan find out you just turned 12 yesterday. After school, Rene drags you to the Dairy Queen. Ryan was fully dressed in pjs, a birthday hat cone on his head, a whistle and Rene’s pom poms. You were glad to see that Ryan and Rene still had their goofy spirit. YOu all sat on stools sucking on milkshakes. You suddenly just blew into your milk with your straw. “What are you doing?” Ryan asks. “Blowing bubbles, no duh,” said Rene. Rene was the kind of person that whatever she said sounded funny. There were snorts into milkshakes. “No, there’s a little fishy in there and I’m trying to give it some air,” you said. “The little fishy might drown,” you imitated Rene’s funny voice. “Fish can’t drown you dummy,” Ryan snorted. You guys had a good time.
  2. You missed sixth grade. Innocent sixth graders who have no idea what is going on. Now even seventh graders, you saw people kissing right by classroom doors. Lost in their own worlds. It scared you like crazy. And there was something else. Why was nearly every girl wearing makeup? Eyeliner? And you never thought it’d happen to you, but you had this feeling. Maybe this was why teenagers are so weird. Part of hormones? You were done showering one night. But… your fingers were itching to do something. You locked the bathroom door.
  3. Wrapped the towel around you. You dug through your Mum’s stash of makeup supplies madly. You were going crazy. You never thought you’d turn girly girl. You wonder, “Hey, if everyone has it, why not me?” You started applying the stuff. Your mum’s stash was cheap and small. Curiosity lead you to eyeliner. You decided to stay away from it after you jabbed your eyes 100000000000 million times. You realized you don't have that artistic talent of accurate thin lines. It was time consuming too. It was dumb. You learned your lesson and the feeling never returned again.
  4. Never would you touch eye liner again. Torture devices. But there’s the girly times and the cool times. You looked at yourself. You were bored and sick of your boring mop. Hair that looked like a mop, a stack of hay, a rag, poofy old witches waves or pasta noodles were not considered attractive. You looked up cute and pretty hair cuts in magazines. You looked at yourself again. Every night. Something was always missing. You take a long shower. Your hair’s straight and you look at yourself again. You throw on a sweater and pair of jeans and nod. Why did this whole thing even bother you anyways? It was a little thing that made girls go crazy in their teen years. Applying eyeliner was harder than you thought. Taking whole hours in the morning to look good for the world was harder than you thought. A girl who is beautiful to your world, but a girl who makes your world beautiful.
  5. There was also puberty. The odds were not in your favor. Puberty was not on your side. It did not give you curves or a larger chest. It gave you pimples on your face, a flabby stomach with a plain structure for your body shape. It gave you periods you had to sit on all day. You grew extra hair in the pits. Seriously? Puberty was on Rene’s side. She was maturing in body shape and face. Guys were looking her way. She knew how to deal with eyeliner pencils. Her skin flashed and her eyes were lined with the darkest lashes while you often woke up with a triple eyelid. So attractive. No matter how you were all changing, people were still the same people they were. Friends may complain that their friends have changed after they said yes to someone asking them out. No, they didn’t change. They just… got a boyfriend or a girlfriend. That’s all that happened. It’s not drama. It’s kind of life.
  6. Ryan was in basketball this year. Chris was in football this year. Rene had always wanted to be a high school cheerleader. But they could only do a dance team in middle school. So you were kind of all alone in cross country the first quarter of school and you still played trumpet. Ryan was still in choir, though he admitted that he never sang. Rene was in choir and if you listened carefully, you’d hear her clear pitch. Everyday after practice, Ryan would be in the grass while you went inside to change. When you came out you would complain, “Practice was so hard, muscles ache, my bones ache.” He’d say, “Big deal, my hair aches.” And then you guys would laugh and Rene would be skipping out from dance practice and she could pull her leg over her head from behind. You always cringed. You guys all gave yourself a top skill, you were fastest, Rene was most flexible, and Ryan was most accurate. Who was stronger? No question. You still scared the heck out of the eighth grade guys with or without a trumpet case.
  7. Rene would sing nonstop, “La la la la, la la la la, Elmo’s world…. La la la la, la la la la, Elmo’s world! Elmo loves-“ “Shut up Rene!” you’d holler. She’d keep going, “-his goldfish, his crayon too!” “Shut up Rene,” Ryan would complain as you guys all walk home. “Thaaaaat’ssss Elmooooo’s-“ “RENE, SHUT UP NOW OR I’MMA CLOCK YOU WITH THIS BABY HERE AND I DON’T KNOW IF YOUR HEAD’S GONNA BREAK FIRST, OR THE TRUMPET CASE, BUT I’LL DO IT!” you would shout with your trumpet case. And she would continue her song in full sprint, “-WOOOOOORRRRRLLLD!!!” And Ryan would be left behind laughing while you ran after the human stereo. Other times you would be too tired where your hair really did ache and didn’t wanna go after Rene with your trumpet case. You and Ryan would grumble, “I wanna shove a box of crayons in it.”
  8. You’d run into Chris sometimes and he’d go, “Quack.” Sometimes you didn’t run into him. He’d be behind you but say nothing. You wouldn’t know he was there and then he’d walk on your heels, which did hurt. When you finally turn around he’d go, “Quack,” and he’d run off with his friends grinning.
  9. It was Monday and Rene was finally absent. While walking home, Ryan said, “Finally, no human stereo.” “Human stereo gonna be back tomorrow,” you told him. “Where is she anyway?” he asked. “Getting braces,” you answered. “She wants the lightest color, something that won’t be noticed,” you added. “Like… yellow?” Ryan asked. “No!” you laughed. “I don’t know, but I don’t think she’ll go for yellow, maybe something pink or light blue,” you said. Ryan nodded. “Hey, when’s your last cross country meet?” Ryan asks. “October 30th,” “Oh, right, last year,” said Ryan.
  10. “We never went to the dance,” he added. You nod. “I wonder if we’re too old to go trick or treating again,” said Ryan. “Never,” you said loudly. “When’s your last basketball match?” you asked him. “October 25th,” he said. “Great! Then I’ll come watch you!” “Yeah, watch me lose,” he said. “No, you’ll win on your last game won’t you?” you said. He shrugs. “I bet you’ll forget to come,” he says grinning. “What, you wanna bet on it?” He shakes his head, “No. No bet this time. This time, it’s just a promise. Promise you’ll come and I know you’ll come,” he said simply. “Okay, sure,” you replied. “I promise. I’ll come.”

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