First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 12

take it take take it make sure you took first one before this one, make sure you like long and patient somewat rushed stories ok thanks! la lal al ladkls su

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  1. Now in the library, there was enough for you to swallow up. You can swallow up stories whole or take in bit by bit and observe every part of the story. You could get high on any kind of adventure that was a thousand times better than swinging. This might sound kinda cheesy or geeky, but that’s how it does feel sometimes (for the author personally xD). Surrounded by tall shelves of books that lined the whole library, sometimes you’d sit on the ground right where you found the book and start reading there. Your favorite teacher was the librarian, although you didn’t know her name. It was like you weren’t supposed to. You never do know your librarian’s or bus driver’s name. They were just there. She always smiled when you get your books checked out. So when you get to the library, you head straight to your favorite area.
  2. But when you look, Ryan is following Rene like a dog down to her locker to get her library card. You feel a little sad, but you were used to them ditching you. You stood by your favorite bookshelf. A little area hidden in the corner by other bookshelves. You read the titles over and over until you heard them coming. You pretend not to see them and wander over and out of the little area. “Erin.” You stopped. “What?” you asked. “Are you avoiding us?” Ryan asks. “What? No.” you say glaring at him. Rene was suddenly interested in a book though you knew she never reads. He was staring at you weird. “Yea you were. We just came over here and you left.” You glared at him more. You wanted to say so many things. You wanted to yell out your feelings, how hurt you’ve been but you don’t. You wanted to tell him that he left you too. Now he had to stare at your back. Instead you say, “Mind your business, Ryan Brunner.” You turn your back on him. You don’t care. You don’t care.
  3. Later in band, you think to yourself, Should I have done that? Later when band class was over, he was returning from swimming. There he was, dark brown head still soaked and green t-shirt with a wet spot on the back. You run up to him and poke his back. You force on your goofiest grin. He looks at you. “That hurt,” his usual retort. You did poke him a little bit too hard. “Sorry,” you say. He stops right there. “What did you say?” he asks. “I said sorry,” you reply. “Whoa! The first time I’ve ever heard you actually apologize! What made you do that today, eh?” You give him a look. “Haha, your hair’s wet,” you snap. “Haha, you have to lug around a big instrument,” he says. You kicked him and march on. He was in choir like Mandy. Mandy told you that she signed up for choir because she didn’t have to learn about new things like instruments or worry about forgetting her instrument. You weren’t surprised that was Ryan’s reason too. He wasn’t the music lover type.
  4. He reminded you of Mandy in some ways. That made you a little sad and a little happy. You missed Mandy. “Hey!” he shouts after you kick him and speeds up to catch up with you. “What do you play anyways?” he asks. You don’t hesitate. “Trombone.” He doesn’t laugh. He doesn’t say something like, “But you’re a girl!” or “That’s weird,” or “You should’ve played flute! Oh right, I remember. You’re tough Maximum megatron, you’re not a real enough girl to play flute.” Instead he says, “Cool.” That stunned you for a bit. You had a lot of flashbacks right on te spot. Those strange moments when he’s really quiet. Never had he ever sworn a cuss word not even dammit, never had he ever said something racist or laughed at something racist nor had he ever stereo typed. He might not do that around others but he still could do it around his closest friends, romp and joke around sayin s--- and laughing. But you had a feeling that he wasn’t just not saying something mean because that’s how he is. He didn’t say anything because he was respectful of who you are. He probably doesn’t even think it’s weird that you play trombone. He doesn’t believe in stereo types.
  5. You compare him and Mandy. They were the same in some ways and in some ways very different. You wonder, why were you comparing him to your ex bestie anyways? There was something about Ryan. He wasn’t just some annoying dork who kept poking you and pulling your hair behind your desk. He was a friend. Your best friend. You wondered if he thought about that too.
  6. And then you were friends again. You’d catch him looking at you and grinning when you did something embarrassing in class and sometimes you’d catch him and he’s not smiling or grinning, he’d look away. He talks to you better these days, when you ask him something you don’t have to ask twice or make sure it’s serious, when you try to get his attention you don’t have to try so hard, when you talk to him his eyes aren’t so icy, they’re brimming with warmth that made you blush at times. You’d stop talking when you felt yourself blush and pretend to look for a pencil. You’d get hungry and lonely for that warmth brimming from his eyes and smile. You’d find your heart thumping at times and scold yourself.
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