FCCLA Info Sheet

I have spent days on line looking for quizzes about FCCLA. I found two that were already on this site. I plan to create more and I would love to see other advisors or members create more quizzes.

Try all of the quizzes about FCCLA. If you are a member they will help you study when you are running for office. If you aren't a member you may find out some information that makes you want to be a member.

Created by: Cathy Kloch
  1. Which of the following is an FCCLA purpose?
  2. FCCLA is the only in school student organization with:
  3. FCCLA provides opportunities for active student participation at:
  4. There are 53 state FCCLA organizations including:
  5. The National Executive Council is made up of:
  6. The National Board of Directors is composed of:
  7. A local chapter advisor needs to be a:
  8. FCCLA is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the:
  9. The Executive Director of FCCLA is:
  10. The address of National FCCLA is:
  11. The following skills are part of the mission statement:

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