Fancy Fantasy Part 9

Guys powers: *Marcus* persuasion *Jake* learn by osmosis *Taylor* teleportation *Bobby* talk to people in their heads *all guys* very skilled in self defense

Guys descriptions: *Marcus* sexy dark brown hair with puppy dog brown eyes, very well built, nicely tan, funny and relaxed *Jake* nerdy, short brown hair with clear light brown eyes, slight but strong build, slightly tan, very smart, makes you laugh and feel safe and special *Taylor* emo is the one word that describes him, black hair that goes just past his coal-colored eyes, well built, pale *Bobby* sexy dirty blonde hair with glassy blue eyes, bad boy, chillax, very muscular but lean build, tan

Created by: Twisted_Roots

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  1. Recap: As soon as the sun dipped under the lake, the restaurant behind you exploded in purple-red flames.
  2. The roof shot a mile into the sky and the walls blew out wards, shattering the windows. The foundation was drilled into the ground by the blast. Marcus pulls me to his chest and turns his back to the explosion. People around me are screaming and abandoned children shriek for their parents. Bricks are flying in all directions, one hitting Marcus square in the back of the head. "UGH!" his body jerks forwards and he pulls back trying not to fall on me but fails. I fall back on a stray piece of glass that lodges itself deeply into my shoulder blade. I stifle a scream, as Marcus' ear is right by my mouth. Using my good left hand, I gently roll him off of me so he's face up beside me. Sucking in a breath through gritted teeth, I reach around to pull the glass shard out, but, to my utter horror, it is completely lodged underneath my shoulder blade. I curse under my breath and grab an unconscious Marcus' arm and begin to drag him from the rubble. Before I have even dragged him 10 feet, his leg gets caught on a huge chunk of plaster. I yell in frustration, plant my left foot firmly to the ground, and swing my right leg up to swiftly connect with the offending obstruction. It goes flying off his leg with ease. I grab his arm again and continue my struggle through the wreckage. I have to get back to the mansion. To the mansion... the... I collapse on the ground by Marcus as the surrounding flames slowly fade to black nothingness.
  3. **BOBBY'S POV** The sweat drips off my nose as I swing a right roundhouse at Taylor, who easily doges and follows up with a stealthy uppercut to my ribs. I step back and fake a left hook then quickly change courses and bring my right leg up to kick him in the chest. It works. He goes flying back to hit the opposite wall. I collapse in exhaustion, panting on the ground. I look across the room at Taylor to boast my victory but stop short... something's not right. My head jerks up. What's wrong? I read the groups thoughts: Jake's here, Taylor's here... I leapt up from the ground and scream in Jake's mind "GET DOWN TO THE TRAINING ROOM NOW!!" I rush over to Taylor and give him a hand up. "What's wrong?" He questions calmly as Jake hastily enters the room. I grab the guys' arms. "Taylor, you need to teleport us to where ______ is NOW." Taylor gives me a weird look but doesn't hesitate. I close my eyes as every color of the rainbow flashes past my eyelids.
  4. **YOUR POV** Nothing. I hear nothing. I see nothing. Well, I take nothing back. I feel an off-the-scale flaming pain radiating out from under my right shoulder. I try to open my eyes, but something is on my face. I reach up with my left arm to brush it off, but I can't get my hand to respond. I jerk it up and quickly realize I am restrained to the table thing. I can't see, I can't move, I can't hear or smell, but I can feel lots of pain. Well, in situations like this, there's only one thing a girl can do. I slowly pulled in all the air my lungs could possibly hold, opened my mouth, and let out the loudest, most bloodcurdling scream I could.
  5. **TAYLOR'S POV** I gently laid _____ down on the table on her left side so her back was to me. Sighing, I pushed down her shirt to expose her shoulder where the glass was lodged. I winced. That sucker was in there deep. I put my left index and middle fingers on either side of the wound, tightly gripping the tweezers in my right hand. (I'll spare you the gory details) I laid the palm sized shard of glass in the tray beside me and cleaned and sealed the deep cut. I pulled her shirt back up to its original position and gently rolled her to her back, strapping her left and right wrists firmly in the restraints so she couldn't move her arms, because that could cause the stitches to pop and if we didn't reach her in time, she could bleed to death. I wet a wash cloth and gently cleared the soot and ash from her radiant face. I rinsed the dirty cloth until it was clean again, then folded it and tenderly laid it across her eyes. Smoke dries eyes and makes then itchy, so the water from the cloth will re-wet her eyes to prevent that. I turned off the light and silently shut the door behind me, going down stairs to study the cause of the explosion.
  6. **BOBBY'S POV** I jumped three feet off the couch when the spin-chilling scream reached my ears. My entire body went cold with terror as I shot to my feet and charged up the stairs to the recovery room of our mansion. I burst through the door and threw on the lights. Taylor had sealed her to the table at the wrists and ankles and covered her eyes with a cloth. Jeez I would have screamed too. I rushed to her side and removed the cloth. She blinked her beautiful ____ (color) eyes in the harsh light before they focused on me. "Bobby..." she mumbled softly. I squeezed her hand and moved to unlatch her ankles. I did the same to her wrists and she sat up, reaching for me. I met her half way and cradled her tenderly in my arms as she sobbed softly. I tenderly kissed the top of her head. "You're safe." I murmured delicately into her hair. She clutched my waist tighter and I pulled her closer. We stayed like that for a few minutes before she pulled back and I gingerly wiped her tears from her soft cheeks. She smiled and I could have sworn my heart exploded with happiness. "I'm hungry." She muttered and I laughed. Her appetite never fails to amaze me.
  7. **YOUR POV** I devoured the turkey sandwich as soon as Bobby laid it in front of me. He bought me water and I downed that too. We made small talk while I ate. I knew he used to be a player and stuff, but it seems he really has changed. A small part of me still wonders though. I put my plate in the sink as a thought occurred to me. "Bobby? Where's Marcus?" he told me to go back to the recovery room where I was and go through the door on the other side of the bed. I smiled my thanks and charged up the stairs. I opened the door to the recovery room and saw the door Bobby told me about. Weird I didn't see it earlier. I cautiously opened the door. Marcus was laid on a table identical to mine, except his hands and legs weren't restrained as mine were. His chest rose and fell steadily. I slowly backed out and the door clicked shut behind me. As I was exiting the recovery room, I came face to face with a guy I had never seen before.
  8. He was about 6 feet tall, his brown hair cascading down to brush against his eyebrows that sat above his dark brown eyes. He was very tone and well built. I felt my jaw drop open, but I quickly closed it when I noticed the girl behind him. She stepped forward and held out her hand to shake mine. I took it hesitantly. "Welcome," she greeted, her voice warm and low. "I am Kara, and this is my boyfriend Desimus, but we just call him D." I slowly nodded my head and eyed her warily. Her light brown hair came down to her shoulders, the natural blonde highlights catching the light. Her blue-grey eyes peered at me from behind a very stylish pair of glasses, and her smile revealed perfect teeth. Kara and D make a pretty good couple. She jerked her thumb backwards at D, "He came to see you earlier, but you were asleep. You are a LEGEND!" D waved and looked down at me with obvious admiration and respect. I smiled. "It was a pleasure to meet you both, but I need to find Taylor." Kara nodded and grabbed D's hand as he whispered in her ear, "Speak of the devil." I watched them walk away, wondering what D meant. I didn't have to wonder long, because as soon as I turned around, I slammed smack into Taylor.
  9. His face was emotionless as he looked me up and down. I opened my mouth but before I could say anything he wrapped me in a warm but cautious embrace. I hugged him back then pulled away slightly and looked up into his concerned face. "How's your shoulder feeling?" He asked quietly. I open my mouth to say fine but the compassion in his eyes is so strong I can't lie to him. "It hurts." I whisper. My voice sounds strained. He leads me downstairs to the medicine cabinet and pulls out some ibuprofen. I nod and grab my glass from the table and toss the water and pills into my mouth and swallow. Taylor pulls out a chair for me and takes the seat opposite mine. "It looks like the cause of the explosion was the central grill which they had just stocked full of gas and charcoal. I didn't help that someone had attached enough C4 to the bottom of it to blow the whole restaurant to kingdom come." I turned the information over in your mind. "So... someone tried to kill us?" He shook his head no. "Someone tried to kill YOU." "ME? Why me?!?" Taylor sighed. "Because there is a war coming. Between The Infected and the humans." My jaw drops open. A war. "The humans want to kill you because they know that if we have you on our side we can win." "Why are we going to war?" "Because the humans have found out about us and they fear the unknown. They fear US." I pondered that a moment. "Then let's show them we're nice!" I offer. He shakes his head. "Do you think they really want to sit down with us and discuss who's good and who isn't? As far as humans are concerned, they have always been at the top of the food chain and they intend to keep it that way."
  10. "Alright, so some human planted a bomb to try and take me out?" "Yes." "Then why did they wait until after I was gone to set off the bomb?" "It appears that the bomb was solar powered, so as soon as the sun went down, the bomb went off." I guess they expected me to eat longer. "So how's Marcus? Is he going to be ok?" I ask Taylor apprehensively. "That's another thing I wanted to talk to you about." Taylor gives me a sympathetic look. "The brick hit him in the part of the in the area of the head that protects the occipital lobe of the brain." You stare at him and he sighs. "Basically, the occipital lobe, or back of the brain if you will, is the center of our perception system." "English please?" You plead. He scratches the back of his head. "There's really no way to put this lightly... if the brick hit with enough force
  11. There's a possibility Marcus could go blind."

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