Fancy Fantasy part 11

Shout outs: booknerd224, xbox360fan, mcqueen, and eve1241! Thank you guys for commenting and xbox? I'M COMING FOR YOU! muahahaha! in the marcus sense i'm not going to kill you haha :)

Guys descriptions: *Marcus* sexy dark brown hair with puppy dog brown eyes, very well built, nicely tan, funny and relaxed *Jake* nerdy, short brown hair with clear light brown eyes, slight but strong build, slightly tan, very smart, makes you laugh and feel safe and special *Taylor* emo is the one word that describes him, black hair that goes just past his coal-colored eyes, well built, pale *Bobby* sexy dirty blonde hair with glassy blue eyes, bad boy, chillax, very muscular but lean build, tan

Created by: Twisted_Roots

  1. Recap: Marcus said his blindness was your fault and now hates you, and you vow not to have emotions until after the war (but come on, you're a GIRL. You will always have feelings for guys!) oh! And I'm glad you guys like Kara and D :) it makes me happy.
  2. **DREAM** "You cannot escape me..." the voice growled as it blew within the wind. I kept running through the field. I cannot stop, or I will die. I don't know how I know this, but I do. The sky is a menacing gray, the falling rain like bullets from above, the tall grass grabbing at my knees. "You cannot escape me... I will find you... I WILL KILL YOU!" I jolted awake as the scream faded to a mere echo in my mind. I sat there, gasping for breath. I need to find out who the leader of the humans are and take them out. NOW. I threw the covers off me and changed into black leggings for flexibility, a black tank for movement, and black boots for stability. I pull my hair back into a tight ponytail. Silently slinking down the pitch black hall, I listen for any sounds that would mean I had alerted the guys of my presence. None came. I pushed open the door to the dimly lit weapons room, thankful that it opened silently. I grab a gun belt and stuff two .32mm pistols into each side, then strap a thigh holster to my right thigh and secure a .9mm inside. I roam the shelves a bit more and finally find what I'm really looking for. I grab the 12-guage shot gun and fasten it to my back, completing the look by packing a dagger in my left boot. Dressed in all black in a dimly lit room, I imagine I look pretty intimidating. I exit the weapon room, go down the hall, and out the side door to the garage. There are six cars, all with the keys on the dash board. I grin wickedly as I raise the garage door.
  3. I jump in the car and jam the key in the ignition, the car roaring to life. I zoom out of the garage and zip down the street, in awe of how fast this car can go. The guys live in the middle of nowhere. You know what that means? A warped smile twists my lips. Straight roads and no cops. No more of the fancy fantasy where the guys look after the damsel in distress.
  4. This princess is saving herself.
  5. I switch to cruise control at 120mph and pull out a map from the console. If Taylor didn't talk so loud in his sleep, I wouldn't know where to go. A tiny ghost town in the middle of nowhere 300 miles from our house. This reminds me of a song. Nowhere to go and all night to get there. I clicked on the radio and, sure enough, it was on. Blasting loud and clear through the stereo. I mumbled along as I traced the map with my finger for the best route and cursed myself for not bringing an iPhone. 3 songs and a water bottle later, I finally figured out where to go. Of course by now I'm halfway there. I turn off the "˜highway' onto a smaller, one way road. It's a straight shot from here to there, but it's populated so I have to slow down. A little. I push the brake so it ends the cruise control and hold it until I'm only going 90. Keeping my eyes glued to the road, I thought about this for the first time. What if I don't survive? What if I fail? No! This has to get done. What happens if it doesn't? Urrrg stop it! It will get done! I won't fail! I scream as I swerve to avoid a shadow in the road, throwing on the brakes and making the car spin out. Around and around and finally to a stop, facing the shadow from the back. I turn off the car and sit there, panting. What the heck? I open the car door and slowly step out, cautiously approaching the figure. It's just standing there! "Who are you?" I almost jump at my tone of voice, then muffle laughter at myself. The figure says nothing. I stand tall and pull the shot gun from my back. Pumping it, I point it at the shadow. "I said: who. are. you." again, no reply. I curse myself for not bringing a flashlight. Going back to my car, I hit the button to turn on the head lights. A blood-curdling scream explodes from my lips.
  6. The "˜shadow' is a person. The person is dead. The dead person is hanging from a tree. But that's not the most surprising part. His neck isn't at an awkward angle from being broken, meaning his neck isn't broken, meaning- I gasp and run at the guy, simultaneously pulling the dagger from my boot. I hook my left arm around his waist and reach my right arm up to cut the rope. He falls limply into my arms, not breathing. I lay him on the ground. He has a pulse! It's weak, but it's still there. Thank the Lord I took a CPR class. I lower my lips to his, pinch his nose, and gently blow. His chest rises, shuddering. I let the air out and repeat the process. Finally after the sixth time he rolls over, coughing and gasping for breath. Of course, NOW I notice the cuts up and down his arms. I cringe. I think I just thwarted a suicide attempt. But why would he try it where he could be seen? When he finally stops gasping, he stands and turns to me, wiping his mouth with a glare on his face. "Do you have ANY idea what you've done?!" I return the scowl. I am SICK of guys yelling at me for trying to help. This guy's gonna get a piece of my mind! "I'm sorry for trying to help ok?! First Marcus! Now you! UGH what is wrong with the world?!" I throw my hands up in defeat and stomp back to my car, muttering insults and curses the whole way. I angrily start the car, but just before I peel out the guy opens the passenger door and calmly climbs in. I give him my infamous "˜DO YOU WANT TO DIE' glare, but he just stares peacefully back at me. "What." I growl. "I have somewhere to be." "Well I have nowhere to be and all night to get there." I started driving. Did he seriously say that? I pushed the speedometer to 97 and stared at him out of the corner of my eye. His gaze was locked on the road ahead of us. His black hair dusted his eyelashes which framed his storm cloud eyes. His lips sat twisted into a frown.
  7. I decided to break the ice. "What's your name?" He turned to glare at me. "None of your business." I snorted. "Nice to meet you, None Of Your Business. My name's ______." I couldn't be sure, but I think I saw his lip twitch into a smile for a microsecond. But his cold exterior quickly returned. "Oh ha ha you're hilarious." His voice was like ice. Well two can play at this game. I slammed on the brakes, making his head ricochet off the dash board. I pulled the .9mm out of my thigh holster and held the muzzle to his temple. "Tell me who you are or get out of my car." Fear flashed across his eyes but they quickly returned to the blank, unemotional stare. "Look, my name is Karter. Can you please put the gun away?" I sigh and holster my weapon. Finally some answers! I took the car out of park and put it into drive accelerating to 103. Time for question number two. "What the heck where you doing hanging from a tree?!" he looked down at his hands. "Trying to die." I put the car on cruise control and turned to him. "Why?" He looked at me, quickly looked away, then turned back to me, glaring. "Why should you care!" for the first time, I remained calm. "Well, I did save your life. Don't forget you're the one who got into my car." He sighed and his icy gaze melted away, leaving agony in its wake. "It's a long story." I looked at the map. We have about an hour until we get there. "I've got time." He looked straight ahead and his eyes glazed over in memory. I shuddered as I thought about Marcus. He had that same look in his eyes when- no! Stop it don't do this to yourself! I was jolted out of my thoughts as he Karter started speaking.
  8. **KARTER'S POV, A FEW MINUTES AGO** "Dad! I'm home!" Not that he would care anyway. I closed the door behind me and listened. No sound. Mom rushed to me from the kitchen and wrapped me in a warm hug and started sobbing silently. He had hit her again. The rage boiled up inside of me. Men are supposed to treat women with RESPECT. I dropped my backpack and returned my mothers' hug, rubbing her back and whispering comfort in her ear. "Monica! Are you whinin' ta your worthless son again?" I balled up my fist. I heard him get up from the couch, no doubt drunk, and I quickly pushed my mother behind me. The beast stuck his ugly head around the corner. "Hey, ya useless piece of crap, I'm talkin' to ya! ANSWER ME!" He roared as he stomped towards us. In one swift motion I opened the door, pushed my mother out, slammed the door behind her, and locked it. This ends tonight. My "˜dad' scoffed. I followed his gaze to my arm and gasped. My sleeve had rolled up to reveal three red lines etched into my skin. "The newest edition ta your collection, eh?" He chuckled sinisterly. I darted past him into the living room and started running up the stairs, but making sure I was going slow enough that he could follow. If he couldn't get me, then he would get mom, and I can't let that happen. I was halfway up the stairs when his meaty hand wrapped around my ankle and yanked my leg out from under me. I fell forward, banging my head on the top step. He flipped me on my back and started choking me. "Tryin' ta be a hero, eh? Well how's that working out for ya, son?" He spit out the last word like a dirty sock as the edges of my vision started to blur. I hope my mom got out ok. What happened next seemed to go on in slow motion. My mom behind my dad. A gun aimed at his head. A shot. BANG! His head snapping forward. His hands going limp. Then mom has the gun pointed at her own head. I reach out to her, but I'm not fast enough. BANG! Blood spatters across the windows. My mom killed the animal. Then she killed herself, leaving me to live on this pitiful earth, ALONE! I ran the rest of the way up the stairs and took out my razor, then slowly returned it to its place. That's not enough. I ran downstairs out to the garage, grabbed the rope, and ran outside to the tree across the road. I played in this tree my entire childhood. It should end where it started. There are headlights coming down the road but I don't care. I should be dead by the time they get here anyway. I tie one end of the rope around a branch, the other end around my neck, and jump.
  9. **MY POV** Karter has tears streaming down his face. I feel awful. For me to put a gun to his head just like his mom died? "I'm a monster." I mutter, disgusted with myself. What the heck is wrong with me! You know what? I blame Marcus. This is HIS fault! I wouldn't be out here being a freaking bully to an abused kid if he didn't blamed his crap on me. "STOP IT!" Karter yelled at me. I smashed the brakes again. When we squealed to a stop, I gave him a bewildered look. "I can hear your thoughts! You're not a monster because you saved my life okay?!" I stare at him, stupefied. A frightened look took up residence on his face. "Oh no. You're a supernatural hunter aren't you?!" He tried to open the door but it was locked. His terrified gaze turned back to me. "Hey hey woah hold on!" I said calmly. "I'm not going to kill you because you're a telepathic ok? I live with four other guys like us." His gape turns quizzical. "Wait, US? You mean... you're like me?!" I nod cautiously. He gives me a teeny, tiny smile. It looks good on him. "You should smile more." I tell him, continuing on my journey to kill the leader of the humans.
  10. and yes it's a cliffhanger :) so what did ya'll think? QOD: what do you think of Karter? Will you and the guys let him join the team?

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