Family Guy Ultimate Quiz (experts only)

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... You think you're a family guy fan? See what you think after taking this quiz and maybe you'll think twice ;DDDD

Do you know about all the bit characters, background characters, long deceased characters, and Griffin ancestors? Have you watched every episode enough times to take this quiz? For your sake, i hope so.

Created by: Izzy_Quagmire

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  2. What is Meg's name following the sex change operation?
  3. To answer your question...
  4. What is Quagmire's dad's name before and after the operation?
  5. Which one of these ISN'T why Glenn hates Brian?
  6. Whatever happened to Kevin?
  7. What about the vaudville guys?
  8. Paddy Tanniger?
  9. How do you spell Quagmire's catch phrase?
  10. What was Peter's retarded horses name?

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