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  • I got brown eyes and brown hair...umm that's wrong!!! On the eye color question I did other cuz my eyes r blue but half of the right one is brown so they're not all blue:P I usually wear black mascara and eyeliner, which I wing out;) then I wear a darker pink lipstick & gloss and I ALWAYS wear foundation cuz I have some acne and it looks a million times worse because of my pale skin so that kinda covers it so I don't look so ugly:P and it really boosts my self confidence too:) I wear eyeshadow sometimes just whatever color matches my outfit:D cool quiz anyway:)

  • Loved it! Thanks alot! I dont ever were foundation because its supposed to make your skin age faster.....so that was good advice not to lol :D great quiz five stars!!

  • Look even though u have a medium rate it's because people don't like make up!!!!!!!! They just don't read!!!! I don't like make up but it gave me good tips. Like ur quiz!!!

  • Best beauty advice ever!!! So accurate!

  • Cool! Loved it. :) Thanks for the advice

  • Ill keep that in mind. Thanks! :)


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