Experiment X Part 4

This part is about angel's oldest grandmother, Kailua. Kailua goes on a journey of hell she still ends up happy in the end read what Kailua did in her life

So yeah it took me forever to make this quiz I'll make part 5 as soon as possible so read this while I make part 5 and 6 yes I'm going to make both and finish them on the SAME day wish me luck! ^^

Created by: lucyshytime
  1. Plz read~ This will be on two povs! Kailua and Joseph! Remember I said I'll do kailua in part 3? If this the first part reading go to experiment x part 1 ok ok lets began!
  2. (Kailua POV) it's been years since I been made from god. My brother John is my twin. John has brown hair and blue eyes he was married to a girl named Mary. Unlike me I was single. I wasn't very interested in any one expect for Joseph. Joseph was a cute man. He always made me happy even on my gloomiest days. I liked Joseph. Today I was sitting in my room writing in my diary. I know I may be past my teenage years. I'm a demon hello it takes me forever to age! So does it matter for me to have a diary. I closed my door. Its midnight. I grabbed my diary from within my dresser and sat on my bed and began writing. (What she's writing). 1903 December 23, Dear Diary, Today Joseph met a girl his age. He said she had long blonde hair and red eyes. I asked what her name was he said Josephine. I was scared hearing that name again. She killed so many humans. I hated her. She was demon until I banished her. I think she's after me after I banished her from existence. Josephine had found a way to be completely immortal. All immortals had one way to die. Joseph had one yet he's a son of a demon the most powerfulest. I may hate evil blooded demons but joseph lit up a light in my heart. I fell in love with him. Tomorrow I will ask Joseph to be with me. I loved him. (Kailua POV) I closed my diary and putted it away. I went to sleep happily. The next day I saw Joseph walking towards me with a small box in his hands. "Hello Kailua" "hello Joseph" I said smiling. Joseph went on one knee and asked.
  3. "Kailua will u marry me?" He said smiling. I nodded with my hands on my chest. "Yes I will marry!!" I said smiling. I hugged Joseph. I kissed Joseph. Joseph putted the ring on my ring finger. "Come let's go start planning the wedding my love" I nodded and followed Joseph. Joseph took me to the florist. "Choose any flower u like" I looked around. I saw a blue rose. Joseph came behind me. "A blue rose huh?" I nodded smiling. They were my favorite. "Anything for u my love" Joseph said kissing my cheek. Next we went to a dress maker (or whatever u call them I don't really know what these wedding people do!). I saw a blue dress. It had a blue rose on the waist. "Joseph I love this one" "u do? Weird I thought it was perfect for my beautiful bride" I looked down on the ground blushing. Joseph laughed. "U make me feel young Kailua u make me feel like ur the only girl in the world for me" Joseph said while hugging me. I smiled. Everything was ready by the end of the day expect for the invations.
  4. My brother john came. "John whats going on?" John signed. "Joseph....he was murdered" "HOW BY WHO!?" My eyes widen. Why does hateful things happen to me!? "Josephine his sister he did it when he was sleeping last night" I fell to the fall. I putted hands over my face. "Joseph! Why!" I said sobbing. Soon after we had a funeral for joseph. Years pasted and I'm now 28 years old. Joseph been de ad for a long time. I met a man named Lee
  5. (Joseph POV) "satan when can I ne with kailua again?" "Ur going to have to wait" he said crushing something.
  6. Joseph sighed. "Can I ask you something...Satan?" "What is it?" "What will be my name and the person i'm meeting when I become alive again?" "Name of the person is angel and yours will be josh you'll still be a demon" Joseph got up he began looking for more information about this.
  7. (Kailua POV) Kailua was now married to a man so called Lee. I fell for Lee like I did when I met Joseph. Everyday I would go to Joseph's grave and leave behind a blue rose. Kailua had a baby named Miki. "Miki sweetie come over here please!" I called Miki over because today was the day Lee goes to his new job. "Miki, where is the card that your going to give to daddy?" Miki took out a card from her book bag. "Right here mommy!" I patted Mimi's head. I then picked up Miki taking her to the kitchen. I placed Miki on the table. I than began making lunch. "Mommy where's daddy?" "He's at work. He coming home very soon" Miki jumped down from the table. "Miki, go wash up for lunch OK?" "OK mommy" I smiled while seeing Miki run off to the bathroom. I looked out the window. "Joseph doesn't Miki look cute? We would've had our own if Josephine didn't kill you...." I sighed. Miki came back. "Done, mommy" "OK now sit at the table" I placed miki's sandwich on a plate then handed it to her. "Now you eat up your friends are coming over later today" "OK mommy!" Miki said while taking a bite off her sandwich. I checked to see if we needed to buy anything. "Bread and milk" I said in a whisper. I took note for what we need to buy with Lee's first paycheck. Later Miki left with her friends. I began cleaning up the house. The day went by normally so far.
  8. Lee came home late. "Hey, Kailua" Lee looked upset. "hi honey how was work?" I said kissing Lee on the cheek. "It was OK but it's not enough to keep this house going" "why not how much do they pay you?" "Only 100 dollars a week" I closed my eyes to hearing that. "I'll get a job too there's always some-" "No you have to take care of Miki I don't trust anyone else to take care of her" "alright you go get some rest" "is Miki a sleep?" "Yes don't worry I got this" I said while smiling. Lee went into the bedroom closing the door. I changed into my pajamas and went to sleep next to Lee. Lee wrapped her arm around me as we slept. In the middle of the night I heard a noise. I got up to see what was going on. I saw the front door opened. My eyes widen. I ran to Mimi's room. Miki was gone. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MIKI!!!" I fell to my knees. I cried. Miki wasn't sleeping in her bedroom someone took her.
  9. After a few months after Miki's disappered Lee and I rarely talked to each other. I woke up in the morning Lee was already gone for work. I stood up got dress and took a walk in the woods. I knew this area very well. I then heard a scream. "Miki?" I ran toward the screaming. Miki was being pulled by her hair. I used my dark magic to perish the thug. I looked at Miki. I gave her a huge hug. "Miki....my baby girl she's with me again" "let go of the child Kailua you don't have the power to take care of her" I saw a weird man with a black suit on and demon wings. "Never!" My demon wings appeared. I used magic to make a shield around Miki. I then flew away holding Miki in my arms. The man's men came after us. They used an awakening poison on Miki. We demons only use poison for good or bad. I felt very dizzy. Since my powers were already awakened they will just go back to sleep once more. My wings' slowly disappered. I safely flew down. We lost them for now. "Miki...I want to tell you something you have to run after this OK?" Miki nodded with her eyes filled with tears.
  10. I hugged Miki for the last time. "Here take this they won't be able to sense your or see you" I gave Miki a necklace. Miki slowly put on the necklace and became invisible. The mad men came. "Where is she?" "She's long gone" I said in a sad voice. Lee came and he killed the men with his angel sword. I fell to my knees feeling weak. "Kailua are you OK where's Miki?" "She's gone..." Lee frowned. "Kailua..." "Yes?" I said smiling while looking up at the sky. "Goodbye..." I felt Lee's sword going straight through my stomach. Lee was an angel and I was an demon. Lee knew it. Lee was sent on a mission to kill me on the day we met. Instead he fell in love with me. I let out a tear. I fell to the ground. Lee left me there dying. I slowly closed my eyes and died there. I died happy at least. Years pasted I watched over Miki. She made the family lived on. She made it lived on forever
  11. End of part 4 I know r There's errors I do this on my cellphone and it's very hard to type so yeah I really hoped you enjoyed it do forget to comment, rate, and all that good stuff

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