Ever After High quiz

thank you for taking my fabulous quiz based on Ever After High. I am really super duper excited for 2014 to come up tomorrow at midnight. i am so very pumped.

i also know about a drawing tutorial site called dragoART.com. and all of the quizmakers on gotoquiz are eligable to create accounts on there considering age.

Created by: WinxClubgirl

  1. who is the daughter of the evil queen
  2. How old is Raven
  3. who is Ashlynn Ella's crush
  4. who is supposed to posion Apple White
  5. who is the next Cinderella
  6. who is the author of Ever After High books
  7. why does Raven question her destiny
  8. who is Apple destined to marry
  9. am i a EAH fan
  10. are u a fan {still effcts ur result}

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