How well do you know cats?

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Okay, I will say this quiz will be VERY VERY hard to most people. You want to take the challenge? Go ahead. This quiz is READY. Like super ready. mmhhm

If you are still reading this, You better know A LOT about cats. Like an expert. Hope you have fun taking my SUPER DUPER SUPER DUPER HARD, but awesome, quiz!

Created by: Stella
  1. Which of these theories is true about what the meaning is of cats wagging their tails?
  2. What is a cat doing when it winks at you?
  3. Were cats ever thought to be witches, if yes, what continent?
  4. Do all cats hate water?
  5. What is a group of adult cats called?
  6. True or false: cats eye color changes as they get older
  7. What do to a cat that is curling its tail?
  8. True or false: Cats love milk
  9. Who tamed the first cats?
  10. True or false: Cats understand woman's voices better than men's.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know cats?