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  • It was a good quiz, but me being me has the need to correct all errors. If this offends the maker of the quiz, I apologize. I'm also putting the name of the song for those who don't know.

    1) I held your hand through all of these years (My Immortal)

    2) Couldn't take the pain, sick with shame (Call Me When You're Sober)

    3) I won't let you pull me down (Haunted)

    4) I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems, got to open my eyes to everything (Bring Me to Life)

    5) We can leave our broken world behind (Together Again)

    6) Hello, hello remember me (What You Want)

    7) I'm dying again. I'm going under (going under), drowning in you. I'm falling forever (Going Under)

    8) You poor, sweet, innocent thing. Dry your eyes and testify. (Sweet Sacrifice)

    9) Drink up sweet decadence, I can't say no to you (Good Enough)

  • Forever lover of Evanescence!!!!! My absolute favorite song of their's is My Immortal! I listen to it whenever I need to cryor even just to listen to it. I know every word by heart, and can relate strongly to it. LONG LIVE EVANESCENCE!!!!!!!!

  • Good quiz, I love Evanescence, just try to improve your spelling, and the comment bellow mine about the corrections is perfect. Well done :]

    Loony Luna
  • I love Evanescence! My favorite songs are My Immortal,Going Under, and Bring me to life! I heart this quiz and Evanescence!!!!!!!! !

  • Thanks for the corrections -_-

  • OH MY GOSH I LOVE EVANESCENCE!!!!!!!! Awesome quiz!

    One problem. The line for "Bring Me To Life" is a little off, but no big deal. I could still tell what song it was.

  • got everything right, but my result was 64%!! O.o

  • I got 64%

  • I've never heard of Evanescene but I got 73%! yeah! great quiz :)


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