emergency workers, which one are you

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Every year, 111 recieves thousands of calls, from people requesting a Ambulance, Fire or Police vehicle. what does it mean to be a emergency service worker, is it rewarding, who knows, take this quiz and let me know

Have you ever wondered, what it would be like to work as an emergency services worker, or even volunteer, or even work in the communication centers, simply taker this quiz and it may help in pointing you in the right direction.!!!

Created by: Matthew Barnett
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  1. you come across a car accident, and are asked to dial 111, while a bystander is holding a person neck still, you call
  2. its 3am, and you awake for a glass of water, and look out your window at your neighbours and see, a flickering light, growing bigger, you call
  3. you notice a drunk man, yelling at the top of his lungs, its 5am, then you notice a massive gash on his head, and he is limping, you also see him playing with a box of matches, and flicking them into the dry grass, near by. who do you call, and in what order
  4. what best describes you
  5. who would you move for first, if you were being followed by a Ambulance, Fire, or Police vehicle
  6. What kind of things do you do after work/School
  7. Do you like hospitals/medical centers
  8. you would rather, Party or go to training?
  9. where do you see your self in 10 years, career wise
  10. and finally, out of the three services, you would rather be involved with,

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Quiz topic: Emergency workers, which one am I