Embers Part Three

Alright, welcome to part three of my Embers series! If you haven't read the first two, you will be lost (just a warning). I hope you enjoy this and be sure to check out my other quizzes!

Basics: your name is Liv, you're seventeen, have long black hair, blue-green eyes, and you live in a small southern town. Oh, and you see the dead ;) Comment, rate, and enjoy!

Created by: Rayven2

  1. You have just finished bundling your dead friend into a quiet corner of the basement when you hear a car pull into the driveway. You peek out the lacy living room curtains and see a white Honda pulling up to the house--Ella's home. You quickly scan the room to be sure there is no evidence of what went on and spot a small stain of blood where Grace was lying. Craaaap.
  2. With no time to clean it up, you decide to toss a blanket over the mess and sit on it. Maybe you can be long gone before she notices. The doorknob jiggles as a key is shoved into it and Ella steps in, her brown hair a mess, her blue eyes tired. She spots you on the couch and gives you a weary smile. "Hey, sweetie. How was your day?" "Great," you say. "I just...stayed home all day." She gives you a look. "I thought you went to that nightclub. Lizard something..." "Lizard Glow," you say. "Nah, I stayed home. Decided it didn't sound any fun," you lie. If there was anything on the news about what went on at the club later, you don't want anyone to know you were there. "So, Ella, how was work?" Ella moves to join you on the couch, but you flop your legs across the whole thing. Good thing you're pretty tall for a girl. Ella huffs. "What's up, Liv?" "The ceiling," you reply cheekily. When Ella merely rolls her eyes and leaves you, you breathe a sigh of relief. Good. Maybe she'll be too tired to push her questions tonight. Most likely, she'd head up to bed before long. Her job as a vet keeps her up late most nights, and she's usually too tired to chat when she gets home.
  3. When Ella does finally make it up to bed, you scramble off the couch and down into the basement. You have a mission to complete and you don't want Ella coming down here in the morning to find a dead body. That might look a teensy bit sketchy. "Up you go, Grace." You drag your friend out the back door, into the expanse of woods behind your house.
  4. You carefully cover Grace with a tarp from your carriage house and lay her in a small den of shrubs you hastily constructed to keep her out of any rain. "I am so sorry, Gracie. Please don't hate me when you wake up."
  5. You rush back to your room and arm yourself with a couple athames (knives), toss your grimoir (spell book) and a few other ingredients into a backpack, into traipse out into the woods to set off for the town cemetery.
  6. When you arrive at the cemetery, it is disconcertingly dark, even with the dim streetlights tossing shadows around the small, fenced-in area. You vault the wrought-iron fence and stride purposefully to the center of the graveyard where a tall, eerie statue of an angel stands. Before you reach the monolith, something grabs your shoulder. On instinct, you grasp the arm and sling the person over your shoulder. Before the attacker has time to react, you press your knee to their throat. A pair of ice blue eyes stare up at you. The male looks to be no more than twenty with coffee-colored hair, olive skin, and a wry smile.
  7. "Who are you?" you demand of the sketchy guy. He chuckles. "What's my name or who am I to you?" You glare. "Both." "The name's Jared and I am your Guardian."
  8. You push away from Jared, shocked. "Excuse me? I already have a Guardian." "Ah," he says with an odd look. "No...that would be me." You shake your head. "The Guardian assigned to me is named Bane." Jared balks. "Bane? Does he have black hair and green eyes?" Oh yeah... you think. "Yes." Jared runs a hand through his dark brown hair. "He's not your Guardian, hon. I was assigned to you when you came into your powers." You watch him and think. Hmmm...one way to find out. "Okay, if you're really my Guardian, then when did I come into my powers?" He answers without hesitation: "September twentieth three years ago. Your fourteenth birthday." You nod. "That's...correct." So who is lying?
  9. "Of course it's correct," he says, offended. "I'm your Guardian. And I'm going to kill Bane for interfering." You blink. "Interfering with what?" "My job, for one," he grumbles. "What all has he told you?" You consider telling the newcomer everything, decide you have nothing to lose. "Besides that he was my Guardian, he said he was going to talk to Hades about getting my dead friend's soul back." Jared stops dead. "You can't get a soul back." You sigh. "Yeah, that's what he said, too, but I've done it before." Jared goes pale. "You what?"
  10. Jared paces the graveyard. "Okay, here's what we're going to do..." "We?" you say. "What we?" He gives you a droll stare. "You're with me now, hon. We need to figure out what Bane's up to." "He's helping me!" you say in his defense. Jared's eyes go sharp. "No, sweetheart, he's helping himself. You have no idea what you're in for..." *sigh* Why does it seem like you've heard that before?
  11. Okay! That's it for now! Make sure to comment so I know if I'm doing good and should make more. If you're just now tuning in, obviously you should check out part one and two ;) Comment, rate...
  12. BTW that last one totally affects your result X) Kidding. Anyway, comment any questions or suggestions you have, I will take all under consideration. Oh, and let me know how you like my new guy character and if I should make this a love triangle deal or keep it a one-man-van (I have actually never heard that saying before, but it just popped into my head....weird O.o) Okay, bye! Have a brilliant day! X)

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