I Will Totally Make You Pee Part 2!

Hello, everyone! It's Lizzie here with my all-new quiz, I Will Totally Make You Pee Part 2! If you haven't already, before taking this quiz, you may want to check out part 1 entitled, I Will Totally Make You Pee!

Once you've taken part 1, please go on and enjoy this quiz. Want an extremely difficult pee quiz? Go on and take this one! Trust me, it's way harder than part 1! Good luck, and have fun!

Created by: Lizzie
  1. On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you have to pee?
  2. Activity 1: Take of your pants and underwear, stand up, spread out your legs, act like your peeing.
  3. Activity 2: Drink 3 glasses of water. Then, lie down, spread your legs apart, push on your bladder. How long were you able to stay that way?
  4. Story 1: You're outside, miles away from sivilization. You have no idea how you got here. All you know is that you have to pee really bad. You take a walk in a nearby forest, looking for a place to relieve yourself. You search for hours. With every step you take the urge gets worse. Until, your bladder presses and drips of pee run down your legs. You're out of time. You search fanticly for a bush. You find one, but your zipper is stuck. After a minute of trying to get your pants off, your bladder gives in, and you feel wet relief run down your legs and onto the ground. You just lay down on the ground and relax, now peeing your heart out. *Pssssssssss dribble dribble*
  5. Run around in your backyard when it's cold out. Did you pee?
  6. Take off your pants and underwear, lie down on the floor with a towel under your crotch and you legs as far apart as possible. Relax everything, tickle your stomach. What happened?
  7. Imagine: You're in a small, dim-lit room with no windows. You have to pee super badly and you know you won't last much longer. You sit on the floor, holding your crotch. Suddenly, you feel drips of pee come out. It's pressing. You try the door, it's locked! The room is empty except for a bed. Not one container to pee in anywhere, no chance of escaping. You notice a small space between the wall and the bed. You crawl through it, and discover a trapdoor. You open it, and you see giant bottles of water being poured out into a pool-like thing. You jump in, and the water is so cold! This makes your bladder lose control and you start to relieve yourself. It's the best feeling ever.
  8. Do yoga for 5 minutes. What happened?
  9. Okay, back to activities! Sit in a position that makes you need to pee the worst. Relax. Think of waterfalls, streams, other people peeing...
  10. take off your pants and underwear, get a large cup, hold the cup up to your crotch. Let it flow for 5-10 seconds. How much pee came out?
  11. Did you pee, yet?
  12. Did you like this quiz?
  13. Comment and rate?
  14. Bye! So long! See ya later aligator, afterwhile crocodile! LOL anyway bye!

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