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  • Your Result: Ravenpuff

    You're a Ravenpuff, the ultimate wise man. You're clever and value knowledge, as well as justice. You are completely honest, and hate lies and uncertainty. You follow the rules and do things in an organised way. You're also quite social and creative, you're full of imaginations and often have your head in the clouds. You're also opinionated and moral.


  • Your Result: Total Ravenclaw

    You've been sorted into Ravenclaw, the house of the clever, creative and quick-witted. You value knowledge and openly disapprove of the ones who don't. However, some might see you as shy, as you find social interaction more difficult than transfigurations. But it doesn't matter if someone calls you a geek, because they'll be working for you one day.

    ^^I always get Ravenclaw. Which I like :)

  • Your Result: Slytherclaw

    You're a Slytherclaw, because intelligence is nothing without ambition, and knowledge is power. You tend to be a rather negative, sarcastic person, but if someone dares to call you a geek, you could publicly crush them with your wit and badass-ness. You correct people's grammar and kick ass at the same time. Plus, the house ghosts were totally doing it.



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