easy peasy plurals

Test you self and try and have a go to see if you can change all of the words in my quiz into the plural, by using the rules down below to help you???

if the words ending in a hissing sound you only add an S. if the words have a hard sound you only add an S. if the words have a soft sound you add an ES.

Created by: lauren of english tutorials
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  1. Can you change address into a plural?
  2. Can you change garden into a plural?
  3. Can you change case into a plural?
  4. Can you change loss into a plural?
  5. Can you change wish into a plural?
  6. Can you change wish into a plural?
  7. Can you change march into a plural?
  8. Can you change lash into a plural?
  9. Can you change princess into a plural?
  10. Can you change ship into a plural?
  11. Can you change tax into a plural?
  12. Can you change arch into a plural?
  13. Can you change torch into a plural?

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