dreams do come true 1D story p2

This is part two. see what happens after kiki meets niall horan from one direction. if you didnt read part one, its ok. but i would recommend reading it first so you know what happened

No hate please. i tried really hard on this. please comment and rate. this is my first story i put on here. i hate this 150 words thingy because i have no idea what to say lol. stay lovely!!!!!

Created by: kiarra

  1. My eyes got so big i swear they popped out of my head."Oh my gosh." I said. Niall chuckled."I see you're a fan." he said. "Yea but not a crazy psycotic one." i said. "Great!!!" he said. While i was standing, i was thinking, how am i gonna walk."Do you want me to carry you?" Niall asked. "no. im fine." i lied.
  2. "No you're not." Niall said. "yes i am. you dont have to carry me." i said. I turned around and started to hop on my good foot away from him. Niall then started to laugh."Whats so funny?" i asked "You need help." "No i dont."I tried to say but it was too late."i said you didnt have to carry me." i said."Its ok. Im buff." he replied. After that, i stayed silent for the rest of the walk.
  3. When we made it, we were in a big room."You can put me down now." i said."On the floor?" he asked."Yes."i said. When he set me down,i just layed on the floor. "Where are we?" i asked Niall."This is me and the lads' room" he replied. "what lads i thought." "This sucks." i yelled. "Kiki?" someone said
  4. I looked up and saw my friend with the rest of one direction. "What are you doing on the floor?" she asked. "chillin."i said."What are you doing with one direction?" i asked."I told them that you needed help because of that accident." she said. "oh." there was a long silence. "Can you get on the couch?" my friend asked."how?"i asked. "You could crawl."Harry said."fine" i sighed.
  5. It was pretty hard and painful crawling, but i made it to the couch."i see you met Niall." my friend said. "yup. i see you met harry, louis, liam and zayn."i said. right after i said zayn's name, she blushed like crazy."Awwwww. Someone has a crush." Louis said. Suddenly, my phone rang."hello" i answered. "kiki?" the person asked
  6. cliffhanger
  7. sorry about that
  8. how do you like it so far
  9. stay tuned for part 3
  10. comment and or rate please
  11. bye

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