hi! i was bored so made this quiz! man i hate this paragraph! all i wanted to do is type! wait im typing... i didnt mean typing this paragraph! help me!

ok great im done with that. now this is my other problem. ok im starting to type random stuff. this quiz is actually made by boredome but not that boring. ok this isnt randomness!

Created by: XxSophiacxX

  1. im bored and depressed... *sigh*
  2. ill just do what i do when im bored... ok?
  3. it was war when karen found me in the bushes, she lent me to shirley for her to continue to fight in the war.
  4. **years later** i was living in a castle with lelouch. lelouch treats me like his sister even though he isnt. he was always quiet and rarely talks. 2 years ago, i barely see him. he just shows up every month. no one know where he was, even his friends. some say he was out there wandering around. some say that he is living in the forests. but 7 months later, he came back. he stayed here at the castle with us and rarely goes out. we always spend time with each other. it was fun being with him. but i also need to get out of this castle some time. so when its night, i sneak out and meet my friend alecx. he is a really nice friend. he was always a cry on a shoulder. he was also the person who thought me about the outside world.
  5. one time, when i was sneaking out, someone saw me. it was my butler tamahome. "where are you going?" he asked me from a far distance. "uhhhh... nothing! just seeing if the guard dogs are alright?" i replied nervously. "we dont have guard dogs!" and there you knew that you should tell him the truth. he approached you and said "so now, where were you really going?" you sigh for a moment and told him "i was trying to sneak out of the castle" "but why?" he asked. "cuz one time i met this guy then he taught me aboutr the outside world. it was one month ago when i started doing this and it became my usual...thing"
  6. so now, he always helps you escape whenever you want to meet alecx. and sometimes he comes with you
  7. ok gtg i need to help someone with her quiz.
  8. tell me if i should make this to a series or make another story to a series or not make any of these at all.
  9. ok comment what you think. but if its mean? dont comment...
  10. and rate what you think of the story.
  11. bye!

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