Are you in love with your best friend?

Theres alot of people that like their peers. If you feel that you may not know whether or not if you truly like you peer then take this test. These questions can depend on if you really like this person or not. HINT: these questions are signs if you do or dont;)

Are you in love with your best friend? Do you have the balls to tell them? Don't waste anymore time. Now that time has been wasted were going to go back in the time and make this time useful and find out if you do or dont.

Created by: Kahyla of nothing
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you flirt with he/she often?
  2. Do you text he/she often?
  3. When you have a talk with he/she do you tell them your secrets
  4. Do you get butterfly's around he/she?
  5. Do you have dreams about them?
  6. Do you and him/her have benefits with eachother?
  7. If you had an interview with a show called "LOVE" and they asked you "If you were to date someone who you might of been interested in?" Who would it be
  8. OKAY THIS MIGHT BE RANDOM BUT,, if your best friend say "I love you, but more than a friend" what would you Say..
  9. Do you know things about he/she such as do you know things that they like to do?
  10. What's their favorite color?
  11. Last question..Do you want to hook up with them? Or would like to!

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Quiz topic: Am I in love with my best friend?