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  • I took this test and says I'm 25 percent in love with my male best friend (I'm also a man), I can't barely know if this is true. Or maybe I just need to tell him about my feelings and reckon I'll be free. Btw I consider myself a bi guy, I've dated women but none men before. I'm pretty sure I don't want him as a sex/romantic partner. We're like brothers but why is this happening to me? We've been friends for five years but the last year was kinda full of tension by my side...

  • My best friend is 28 years my junior. We have been closest of friends for more than 10 years, with a little spacing in the middle. At first I loved him like a brother. Now I realize I love him. I LOVE him. I want to wake up with him, and I want us to be together. He's actually moving in next week as he's escaping a really bad marriage that is headed towards divorce (straight marriage) and while I may be projecting, I do think he loves me even just a bit as a partner loves a partner. Interestingly enough as strong a sex drive as I still have at 62 years of age, it's not the prospect of having sex with him that excites me - though I wouldn't mind, because he's hung. It's BEING with him. It's waking up with him. It's sharing my life with him. He truly is the most important person in my life.

  • I think you should maybe change the last questions' answers. see, I love my best friend. with all of my heart, but I think of her in a romantic way not sexual. The farthest I would go is kissing. maybe add another answer like 'i love her only in a romantic way'. just giving tips (btw I do like this quiz)

    • Same,as an asexual I just skipped that question entirely,no to mention just using gender neutral pronouns would have been fine, this quiz was simple and easy to use though so props to them.

      throw away
  • I like my best friend but idk if she likes me back and I hate that bc I'm afraid if I tell her it will mess up the friend ship we have and I dont want to lose that and this was a amazing quiz

    Bxby girl
  • does it count if im already dating her tho :33

    Eri Chan

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