What is my secret identity

This quiz is a result of both of us having way to much free time. Now i have wasted seconds of your life which you will never get back...wow, sucks to be you. ha!

So how well do you know the invincible R.o.b? do you know me better than i know me? and if so, how? when? where? what? and how? huh? what? wait...seriously i dont know whats going on

Created by: robert

  1. What is my middle name?
  2. Complete my nickname: Captain ______
  3. What is the scar on my stomach from?
  4. Who is my favorite musician?
  5. Who is my Hero?
  6. Whats that smell?
  7. When is my birthday?
  8. What nationality am I? (I'll give you a hint NOT French!)
  9. True or False: Canadians piss me off
  10. What car did i use to drive?

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