What is your spy name?

A spy is a person who never reveals his/her true identity. He/she is a master of stealth and never gives up on his mission. Do you have an inner desire to be a spy?

We all know that everyone has a secret, inner spy. But what is your spy name? Find out in this amazing quiz that will reveal your true identity. Continue forward in hopes that you will not fail the test of espionage.

Created by: Ryan
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  1. Do you find yourself checking your back for possible assassins every second?
  2. Do you know how to fire a gun?
  3. Do you run back ground checks on all of your new acquaintances?
  4. Do you wear black clothes often?
  5. Do you think that your closest friend is a double agent?
  6. Have you watched any of the James Bond movies?
  7. Do you hide any of your precious belongings in the fear that someone will steal them?
  8. Do you think that people have already read your mail before you could get your hands on it?
  9. Do you check behind the corner before entering a room?
  10. Do you screen your mail for secret messages from the United States government?

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Quiz topic: What is my spy name?