do you know your minecraft blocks

There are many genius' out there in the world but very few are masters. A master after all is above the average and must have trained lots.but don't know what a master is well a master is a person which is very good at something

But are you a master a master of the Minecraft blocks . In minutes maybe seconds ,it will be decided in the ultimate quiz in which will push you to the limit in the search to find the answer

Created by: ton

  1. Which of these is a half block
  2. How do you make obsidian
  3. What block teleports when touched
  4. Which of these blocks can not be brocken in survival
  5. What block can not be placed or brocken
  6. Can obsidian be blown up
  7. What is the blast resistance of bedrock
  8. You have 10 iron blocks and 2 pumpkins you make 2 iron golems how many iron blocks do you have
  9. Which block spawns naturally in the overworld and hell
  10. Which of the blocks are unbreakable
  11. In the end what block acts like netherack

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Quiz topic: Do I know my minecraft blocks