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Children who grow up in the digital age have opportunity to connect with more people than any generation before. The world is getting smaller and smaller and connections are getting easier and easier to make. One of the most important elements of the web is the ease with which complete strangers can connect with each other based on common interests. This allows for people to find like-minded people and build relationships without regard for geography, social class or age.

Our online identity is something which should not be taken lightly. This quiz will explore some different aspects of online identity and factors which must be taken into consideration. This quiz can be completed at any point in order to help you discover how much you already know or have learned about online identity.

Created by: pat of online identity
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  1. It is best to use your real name as your online identity.
  2. If your name is Jane, which of these would be the best user name to choose if you joined a chat room?
  3. You should share your username and password with....
  4. If you want to take back something you did online you can get rid of it by...
  5. If you use a different name than your own no one can find out who you are.
  6. It's okay to insult people online because you can't get caught.
  7. Most people in chat rooms are....
  8. It can be fun to pretend that I am someone else online.
  9. All this worry about online identity doesn't apply to me if....
  10. I don't have to worry about my online identity if I have good security software or only use school computers.

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