DON'T TOUCH MY DOG (part one)

Hey girl!!! I made this and I'm flipping tired it's 2 in the morning! Y must I put so many words? TO MANY I SAY. By the power of llamas u shall take this quiz!

NO another one? Any way this is about you! You only! I kid also your twin and best friend and... Other people 2 you will love it by the power of llamas yes yes you will.

Created by: Llama lover

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  1. You wake up to hear to stupid alarm clock going off its playing your favorite song on any other day you would have bean just a little more happy but no to day was not only Monday, but picture day.You do what any one else would do, slam your head ageist the alarm clock to make it shut up. Your twin sister danced into the room and hits you with a pillow being very graceful at the same time. " GET UP LAZY BUTT!" she screamed into your ear. Of corse she would be happy on picture day because the camera loved her and she always look good. People say you two look mostly alike but you don't wanna hear it, she's obviously prettier then you. You dragged yourself to the bathroom well semi watching her make your bed just to impress mom. 
  2. "Mabel can you tell your sister to hurry her a** up!" my mom yelled. Sounds like she got the beer open early.
  3. " Yes mother dear" your sister yelled back. You look better after you did your make up and got dressed in what you think would be a okay outfit for picture day. You go down stairs, and yup moms sitting at the table with (* sarcasum* oh joy) two empty beer bottles sitting with her. You eat your pop-tart and run with your bag to the bus stop. Some how you miss your sister leave and you see her standing there already talking to three football players. Typical Mabel, talking to as many boys she can in one day
  4. After what seams like hours the bus finally comes. You sit in the back with your best friend Sara (you 2 love the back because it's all bumpy) " I see Mabel's doing her job of being the flirt," Sara comments
  5. "Yeah she's doing extra good today," you say looking at the fifteen freakin boys shes talking to. The bus comes to a stop and Sara and you are thrown forward because of the sudden stop. You 2 walk off the bus and go to Joey, Sara's boyfriend.
  6. Joey has dark brown hair that falls in front of his eyes which are a lovely shade of baby blue, he has a muscular body, and his big smile at Sara is pretty cute.
  7. Nowww we discribe Sara, she has light brown hair with natural blonde highlights that goes down to her waist, brown and green eyes that look as if they can stare into your soul, olive skin, and glasses (cute ones not nerdy)
  8. You look at then together so happy and a perfect match. If only You had a boyfriend, maybe then Monday's wouldn't be so bad. Oh well. 
  9. Just then the school's biggest geek walks up and says," hey ____ wanna go out sometime?"
  10. " umm... DON'T TOUCH MY DOG!" you shout and then run. You run right into the world's HOTTEST guy.

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