DON'T READ ME (if you want to live) XD

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It says it all in the quiz.....if you do this you're awesome :D just saying....well the quiz is about what I would think would happen if we had a love story :D

I really hope you guys can do this for me you don't have to even make a profile to read it ^.^ I would feel so awesome if you do it for me :D I would also like for you guys to comment on this quiz giving me assurance for it :)

Created by: ilovesasuke

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  1. XD you guys don't listen do ya? I DON'T BLAME YOU GUYS I would do the same thing ^.^
  2. time for the reason of this quiz....
  3. Well I found this other quiz website....
  4. Its its really fun ^.^ I just made a Naruto fanfiction on it and I....
  5. I would really appreciate it if you guys could read it ^.^ oh yeah and btw choose the first options on the questions I'll include everything in the answer box ^.^
  6. Also if you wanna make a profile on it its really easy ^.^ well...if you've got an email :D
  7. I'd like for you guys to comment on it too...tbh it makes me feel awesome when I get more than at least more than 20 reads on something
  8. Perhaps you can comment on this telling me you'll do it?
  9. leg hurts....I had surgery a few weeks ago :P
  10. Ok so please read my fanfiction thing on would make me smile...and I barely smile....pretty please :D

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