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Welcome to the forty-fifth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. I honestly cannot believe how badly I've gotten with keeping up to updating here. I am so sorry that I've let it go a year without updating anything and have been less than diligent in keeping communications open.

It is astounding that it has been four years since the day I joined GoToQuiz and started writing this story, and I still cannot believe the number of you who still enjoy it. Every little comment I get still touches my heart. Even though I am not as active here as before, I still love you guys. Please enjoy this next part. A larger recap is provided in the first paragraph.

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  1. (Overall story recap found in part 43)Recap: Kiki asked you to kill her, and, though you couldn't go through with it, Kiki did the job herself, revealing last minute that she had been played into killing Alissa in order to fully transform while in Logan's dungeon. Unable to stand Jack and Kris's concerned demeanors, you fled to the guest wing, running into Marisa, who surprisingly gave your resolve back. Out again in hallway, you overhear Cory and Justin talking about a girl, but you're interrupted in your eavesdropping by Owen, who's acting strange and abruptly enters his room without a word to you. After Cory busts down the door for you, you find Owen's room empty, with only a note, an open window, and a wandering baby squirrel.
  2. Your breath catches, and you rush to the window. Owen's nowhere in sight, but you climb through it anyway, ignoring Justin's pleas for you to come back and Cory's inquiries. You tear across the lawn in your bare feet, calling upon your inner immortal power to phasing into wolf form so that you can run faster. Your paws instinctively pick across the packed, yet rocky path that leads into the woods as you follow the nutty, warm scent of Owen.
  3. Up ahead, in the clearing, you see Owen kneeling by the peculiar white tree. A choir of birds flitters around the trees, with the tune of a last tribute, and you can't stand it. A growl rips out of your throat, "Owen!" He turns, slowly and dramatically. Simultaneously, you notice the wide disturbance in the woods on all sides, scattering frightened birds in all directions.
  4. Wolves of all colors, shapes, and sizes leap out on all sides from the shadows under the trees. A very familiar spiky red-headed guy takes the lead among them. You abruptly stop running and skid to a stop near the fringe of trees, behind the ring of Logan's wolves. "Owen," Logan imperiously announces, approaching him with arms outstretched, "How nice to come face-to-face with the slimy traitor at last." Without allowing any time for reaction, Logan sharply kicks Owen in the gut, causing him to curl up with a grunt of pain.
  5. You growl with a rumble, but Owen looks up, somehow pinpointing you amongst the other wolves and shakes his head "no" ever so slightly. "Do you know how much fun I'll have paying you back for every time you've lied to us?" Logan asks, pulling Owen's head up by his hair to face him, "Your so-called girlfriend was always a fun one whenever she visited me, but she was even better today. You should've seen it. Her pleading that I take her how she is, swearing that she had never been faithful to you or the rest of your spineless scum crew. Her tearful apologizing that she hadn't meant to screw up that little plan of hers so badly last night... clutching at me, desperately bending to my every will... it was so... exciting," Logan purrs.
  6. "You can't touch a single hair of Emilia's if I turn myself in," Owen stonily demands, "She stays safe and especially away from you." "If? It's too late for 'if', there's no way you're getting out of this, deal or not, so I suggest you just tuck your little false courage away or else you'll find your girl strapped up in my room, while you watch, mkay?" Logan sneers. "I made the deal with Blake, not you. You know how he feels about people who goes against his orders," Owen replies, showing a surprising lack of emotion.
  7. You're paralyzed by indecision. Owen had wanted you not to interfere, probably in concerns for your life. Still, it feels wrong to just stand here and watch. Owen clearly is giving himself up for Emilia's safety. He's risking himself to save that traitor who could care less about anyone else, who cheated on him multiple times, who wouldn't hesitate to kill you. Then there was Logan, and your blood boils just hearing his voice again, hearing how he's tormenting Owen. You can't even run for help because then Logan's wolves would notice you and chase you down before you could even get anywhere. No, you're just stuck as a bystander to this horribly, horribly wrong scene.
  8. Logan scowls, "Blake has no idea how much he should avoid messing with me, so I don't appreciate your comment, especially coming from the dirty, lying mouth of a traitor." Logan shoves Owen to the ground and kicks him full on in the mouth, causing a couple teeth dripping with thin blood to drop to the lawn. Satisfied at his work, Logan turns to his wolves, picking 4 out, "Bring him in. I want him still alive by the time I get there." The chosen four morph and restrain Owen, knotting ropes so tightly that his skin is red from restricted blood flow. Before they gag him, he purses his lips and whistles out one last note, a heart-wrenchingly beautiful and perfect imitation of Anima's call that drives a cold blade into the depths of your soul.
  9. You find yourself running forward now, without any care for cover anymore, heedless of the shouts and attacks blending into the rush of the wind as you blindly pursue the four werewolves through the forest. Trees and shrubbery blur together, and you're surrounded by a frantic yelping, that you finally realize is coming from you as soon as you notice that you've lost track of Logan's people in the forest. You slam yourself bodily into a tree in frustration, and partly out of the pain and partly out of the guilt you feel for not being able to help, you crumple to the ground, morphing seamlessly back into your human form, feeling weak and useless and human and pitiful as you sob at the the base of the tree.
  10. It's a long time until you finally gain some composure of yourself. Slowly, as you take in everything, you realize the soft caress of downy feathers against your cheek. Turning your head to the side, you see Anima. Her liquid onyx eyes seem to glint as if she was crying with you, and you get an overwhelming sense of comfort from knowing that she's here with you. It gives you the strength to sit up and start paying attention. You couldn't save Greg, you couldn't save Kiki, you couldn't save Owen, but right now, you can save yourself and fight to save others.
  11. At a distance, the crashes and howls of Logan's pack as they undoubtedly trash the mansion is audible. You can only hope that everyone's long gone, though, where does that leave you? Cory and Justin knew where you ran off to, though, in your rush, you hadn't noticed how far they followed you, and, even then, they wouldn't know where you had left to after that. You didn't even know where you had left yourself. There were just yards and yards of trees and underbrush everywhere you look.
  12. After mulling over your situation a little longer, you remember the necklace Luna gave you. You've never tried this before, but it should be able to contact either Jack or Kris if you remembered correctly. Anima seems to know what you intend to do and settles down on your shoulder as you lift the clear teardrop-shaped pendant and close your eyes to focus. Unbidden, your lips whisper a name, "Kris."
  13. The response, in the form of an awed whisper is near immediate, "..._______? _______, is that really you?" Kris's voice sounds clear as if he were right next to you. "Kris!" you let out in a relieved breath before you remember to think your response. "Kris, I... I don't know where I am. I just ran... and I'm in a forest somewhere behind the house." "Behind the house? I'll come to get you," Kris assures you.
  14. You break your concentration and decide to stay where you are. The underbrush around you will help to conceal you if there are any of Logan's werewolves still hanging back, and you figure that it's easier for Kris to find you if you stay in one place anyway. You quietly pet Anima and find yourself humming Owen's tune. Surprisingly, just the ghost of that memory brings prickles of tears to your eyes.
  15. You're too busy trying to wipe away the yet-unfallen tears with the heel of your hand to react to the person who comes up and sits at your side. They wrap a coat around you and lay a protective arm around your shoulders. Feeling comforted, you curl up into their chest almost naturally, hiding your face and letting the tears flow.
  16. After a few minutes, the hair stuck to your face is gently brushed away and a soft voice asks, "Have you let it all out?" You force yourself to look up into the gentle gray eyes of Kris as you answer quietly, "Yes. I'm fine now." He squeeze hugs you briefly, and you lean your head on his shoulder. You two sit like that for some minutes, just looking out into the calm forest, contemplating your individual thoughts.
  17. "Are you ready to join the others?" Kris asks next, lightly tracing calming circles on your back. You nod your head, gathering your composure around you like a protective wall, and he stands and pulls you to your feet. Suddenly reluctant to be away from him, you keep hold of his hand as you stand next to him. Though he seems surprised, he says nothing of it, and the two of you walk in silence, hand-in-hand through the forest, and out onto the road where Stella is waiting.
  18. You can tell when she looks down at the linked hands of you and Kris that she's about to say something, but something in your expression must've stopped her. Instead, she wordlessly holds out her hand for you to take. You're reluctant to leave Kris behind, but you know you have to. As soon as you take Stella's hand, your world turns dark, until you finally feel the impact of hard wooden flooring as your feet hit the ground. Some sweet aroma permeates the air, and warmth envelops you.
  19. ~ But where are you? That will have to wait for next time! Don't fret though, I will post that tomorrow (probably earlier than any of you find I've posted this part - that's my goal at least) because I split my initial part 45 draft into two parts. Because of that, the results are a little off for Cory and Justin. so please forgive me, but they'll be the same next time. I know I took over a year to update, and regardless of school and life, somewhere in there I should have taken some time to update. I'm so sorry to keep all of you waiting, and I really have to say a really big thank you to all of you who, throughout the year, checked up on me. That anyone would ever think of me and my story during such a long time is incredible, and I really appreciate it, although I was not very good, I admit, at communicating back in a timely or satisfying manner. Happy fourth birthday to my GTQ account, to DLMH, and a third birthday to tOS. This paragraph is getting long, so I'll go ramble more in the comments. Last question as always, who do you like?

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