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Welcome to the forty-fourth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. Yeah, so I fell off the side of the world again. I'm sorry, but I just don't know what's been up with me and writing. I must've forgotten the password to this quiz at least 5 times! If it's been too long again to remember what happened, part 43 has a full story summary.

Recap: You're helping with last-minute packing, when Kris comes in to tell Jack that the werewolf Luna took hostage refuses to speak until she talks to you. Kris and Jack are opposed to letting you go, but you eventually argue your way into the gym where they're keeping the hostage locked in chains. The hostage turns out to be none other than Kiki, the girl who used to be your fellow prisoner back in Logan's dungeon, now turned alpha female and threatening to kill you. She almost does too, until you begin reminding her of her time in Logan's dungeon, and her true self comes back, demanding that you kill her.

Created by: xxblutixx of From the Notes of xxblutixx
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  1. The simple words reverberate in your skull. Was it finally time to make that difficult decision? "You promised," Kiki stares at you unflinchingly, "Now, hurry before I turn back. I'll kill you if I revert. Don't think I won't."
  2. "I... can't." you force out, and her glare intensifies, "You don't know half of what I've done. I deserve to die." Kiki shudders and spits out blood, the trail hanging out of her mouth, staining her skin. Her voice shakes under the pressure of whatever she's going through as she says, "I'm a monster. Hate me. Do you want to see me by Logan's side? Do you want to see me rip the throats out of your friends? Is that what you want?" She shakes again and vomits up more blood, the tremors becoming more violent as she does.
  3. "Can't we... isn't there anyway we could make you better? I'm sure there is. We can find it," you suggest, but Kiki looks up again with that intense glare that makes you feel obligated to look her back, though all you want to do is bury yourself into Jack's chest. As you look into her gray eyes, it seems a shadow passes over them for a second, and Kiki quivers before freezing rigidly still. Tense moments pass before her body relaxes again, just as shadows flit across her eyes, swirling like mist, looking out, but seeing nothing. Sightless eyes turn to you, fangs menacing, hands crooked like claws, she growls at you, licks the venom off her lip. Even so, she shudders, unable to move, and lets out a single agonized scream that echoes deep pain into your brain.
  4. You can't stand to see her like this. Your mind feels half numb as you reach out your hand, watching as, magically, water vapor in the air begins to condense and freeze into your palm. The water solidifies to form a sharp dagger, an ornate icicle. Jack tries to stop you as you approach Kiki, but you brush him off, hoping that he will forgive you for what you're doing. You kneel beside Kiki's body and raise the blade, holding the point poised over Kiki's chest, where you think her heart lies...
  5. ... but you can't do it. Drops of melting ice water drip from the tip of the blade as your moments of indecision slip by you, all the while, Kiki is lying, shuddering and muttering incomprehensible curses. With a hiss, she grips your wrist tightly, rising up to look at you with empty black eyes and fangs poised to attack. "Kiki..." you whisper.
  6. The shadows in her eyes shake, revealing the slightest gray, and with one meaningful look at you, Kiki takes the wrist she is holding and plunges the dagger you're holding into her own chest. In shock, you let go of your hold on the magic. The ice melts immediately, but the damage is already done. She's bleeding openly, but the shadows in her eyes have completely dissipated.
  7. With more strength than a dying girl should possess, Kiki grabs your head and pulls it down to yours so that she can talk into your ear. She barely is able to force out the words, but they come with great weight, "I... killed... Alissa...their plan... couldn't resist... transformed... Never forgive..." Her voice fades and her grip grows slack. A different grip, strong but gentle, gently guides your shocked self away from Kiki.
  8. "What happened in there?" you hear Kris ask concernedly in a low voice when you get out into the hallway. Jack answers him in a lower tone, one you can't hear, and, suddenly conscious that you're clinging to Jack, you distance yourself from him, awkwardly standing aside.
  9. "Well, I'm going to go... check on Owen," you excuse yourself quickly, exiting to the guest hall. It's the closest, most secluded area you know of in the house, and you just feel like you need to get away. To your luck, you manage to run into Marisa.
  10. Too shaken, your knees crumble, and you fall to the ground, biting back the tears, for fear she'll peg you a lower weakling than she surely already had. There's a moment of silence as you steady your gaze on her metal spike studded ankle booties. Suddenly, you feel yourself being jerked up, pulled by an arm. "Kneeling on the ground like that; you'll get in everyone's way," Marisa criticizes.
  11. You hear the click of a lock and feel yourself being led into the room and made to sit. "You'll never do as a leader if you allow yourself to be seen like that," Marisa scolds, assembling her bags and luggage into a pile, "The moment you expose your weaknesses is the moment you let down your team. A force is nothing without a clear direction to follow, and leaders must set that direction."
  12. "I never wanted to be a leader, and I never asked for your advice," you miserably object. You see Marisa's touch pause upon a bag you recognize. the one with the ID tag that you had been looking at when you had first met Marisa. You still remember what was written on it: "Marisa Louisa", with the last name scribbled out in marker. She rubs the tag like a talisman as she seems like she's contemplating something.
  13. Unlooping the tag from the handle of the bag, Marisa sits next to you and uses a finger on her other hand, her perfectly filed nail rasping against your skin, to raise your gaze to meet her piercing green eyes. Her tone changes to an even softer, almost reflective tone, as she agrees with you, "Neither did I."
  14. "_______, Logan's dungeon is a dangerous place, isn't it?" she asks out of the blue. "Don't remind me," you almost whimper out, "I've had enough reminders today." "She was the last of your neighbors, wasn't she?" Marisa prods, and you just nod. "I thought so," Marisa concludes and adds on in a quieter voice, as if to herself, "And yet. Jack wouldn't let me in. He knows how much..." Her hand clenches the tag as if squeezing the life out of it. After a bit of composing herself, Marisa resumes her questions, "I'm told my... Alpha was your other neighbor, and he helped you escape?"
  15. "Yes... I owe him my life," you mumble, a lump forming in your throat as you remember Greg, torn up and bloodied on the ground, "Logan's wolves ganged up on him. There were way too many, but he just... fought. Even though he didn't have a chance." "That's just like him. The selfless fool. He always fought to his last breath to ensure everyone else was protected; never mind himself. I see he at least passed in true form. Gregory Andrew Pierce. Yes, that's him, through and through."
  16. Marisa bites her lip fiercely. "Logan will pay for all he's done. That girl must have suffered to the point of insanity. I will never forget. I'll see to it personally," she vows. Her sharp green eyes flick over to address you, "Always remember what you're fighting for, _______. It's the only thing that'll allow you to get up everytime life knocks you down. Never forget what's important." With that, she stands up, collects her luggage, and marches out, her ID tag left fluttering to the ground in her wake.
  17. You pick up the tag and rush to the door to give it back to her, but the hallway outside is empty, tranquil in its sunny timelessness. Urgency gone, you take a glance at the tag in your hand and are surprised to find that the sharpie has been rubbed away somehow, revealing the name hidden underneath. Marisa Louisa Pierce.
  18. So that's why Marisa was so dedicated. You tuck the tag away, intending to keep it and feeling somewhat revitalized in a strange way from your encounter with Marisa. Outside Marisa's room, you realize that it's no longer silent. You can hear whispers, maybe 2 different voices, from a closed room a couple doors down.
  19. Curious, you approach the door closer and realize the voices are those of Cory and Justin. You look around the empty hall, ensuring that all is quiet before you sneak closer and press your ear up to the door. Eavesdropping might be wrong, but your curiosity is at a peak. In school, Justin never really liked Cory, and you had the feeling that when Justin had come to the house, the other guys had not recieved him well either, so why were they together now?
  20. "... out for 2 hours. Either it was lost somewhere else or someone took it. Are you sure you can't remember when you last saw she had it?" Cory asks. "I hardly remember it. I mean, I remember she was wearing a couple, but I can't picture it. Was it silver?" Justin asks back. "Yes, but so was everything else she was wearing," Cory replies back with a tad of impatience, "It wasn't hard to miss." "Well, I look at her eyes when I talk to her, not at her chest like you," Justin responds back with a slight hint of irritation present in his voice, "She's not just another one of those easy girls that you can play with you know."
  21. You're interested in hearing Cory's response, but at that moment, someone bumps into you. You look up to meet the downturned hazel eyes of Owen. Mind racing, you try to come up with a good excuse for having your ear pressed against a door, but none come to mind, and it doesn't look like it really bothers Owen anyway. He hardly even looks surprised. Actually, his eyes have the look of hard, resigned amber. To your speechlessness, he offers his own before he carefully brushes hair from your face behind your ears. His eyes show a twinge of sadness, and he turns back into the room across the hallway, closing the door without another word.
  22. Concerned, you follow him and knock on his door, "Owen...? Did you... want to talk?" Across the hallway, you can hear the voices of Cory and Justin stop abruptly. After a pause, you hear the door open behind you, and Cory's inquiring voice, "_______, hey, what brings you to this far-removed locale?" From inside the room, you hear a strange creaking noise and the crinkle of paper. Ignoring Cory for the moment, you knock on Owen's door with more urgency, "Owen... are you okay in there? I mean, if you want to be left alone, you can just tell me..."
  23. "_______, is something wrong?" Justin's concerned voice asks. You turn to face the two boys, "Owen's acting strangely, and I'm concerned. He won't say anything, but he looked really... he looked like... he's going to do something unpleasant. I'm afraid for him." "Well he did just find out his girlfriend was a traitor and frequently cheated on him with several grossly immoral guys from the other side," Cory bluntly states. "Cory!" you reproach him with a touch of desperation, "I have this bad feeling that it's something more."
  24. It's silent for a moment before Cory surprises you by speaking again, "Well if you say you think something bad is going to happen, it's worth checking out." He advances and knocks on the door, calling out in a strong voice, "Owen? You've worried a very respectable young lady, and it's heart-wrenching to see her worry her dainty little heart so much. If you could offer a reassurance to her in the next 10 seconds, or I'm afraid I'll have to take more forward measures in the sake of protecting Miss _______'s heart as is my job."
  25. "Cory!" you weakly laugh and protest. He just smiles slightly, indicating you to be quiet as he presses his ear up against the door, counting out the 10 seconds underneath his breath. When he's down, he announces, "All right, Owen, I'm bustin' in, stay back!" Before you can ask what Cory's warning means, Cory kicks down the door, police-style. At your shocked look, Cory explains, "Marisa is a strict trainer, but she sure is one tough chick."
  26. WSHHhhhh... The breeze from the open window seems to pick up as soon as you step into the room. A paper blown in the breeze struggles to free itself from the corner of the window, but when you reach out to grab it, a small baby squirrel leaps out from the dresser to your right and grabs the paper, landing square in the middle of the bed. It puts the paper carefully down and holds it in place with one tiny little paw as it looks up at you expectantly with intelligent black eyes.
  27. Cory reaches out for the paper, but the squirrel squeaks at him, curling defensively around the paper before looking at you again. You bend down and slowly reach your hand out to pet the soft, furry head of the critter before easing the paper out of its paws. It sits on your shoulder as you unfold the paper to read...
  28. Dear _______, I'm sorry. You don't even know how much. I didn't even realize how much, but now it's all clear. I cannot stay with you all, now knowing what I have helped to happen. It is unforgivable. I have talked to and will be facing the consequences with Emilia. Logan is coming soon. Get out while you can, and don't look back. There is no way I can ever make it up to you all, so I must do this. I'm so sorry. Good-bye, Owen.
  29. ~~~I'm SO sorry. I don't know how many times I'll have to start off by saying that, but it's true. Time passes me by ever so quickly, and I get caught up by the smallest of things. It seems to be a pattern to me now that I can never actually finish a project. I WILL push myself to finish this one though because I owe it to you all. Your support for... oh my, three years now, means so much to me. I'm so lucky to have readers like you. I love you all. I really do. Now moving onto a different kind of mushy gushy talk, which guy do you like?

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