Don't leave me hanging part 18

Welcome to the eighteenth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Yes, I know I took too long on this part. I'm sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry! The beginning of this part is a lot of information, sorry if it gets a bit boring. Thanks to everyone who commented! It made 2 pages of comments! :)

Recap: You woke up in your room at Kris's house and found Justin who helped you check on the other guys as well as introduce you to two members, Eva and Max, of the local werewolf pack that Greg used to run. After you check on Jack, Stella's mom calls you into the library for a "talk".

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. Stella's mother has never actually looked intimidating, being about 5 feet tall with a ready smile and her harried artistic look: blond hair in a messy bun, sheer scarves draped over an outfit of a white shirt and jeans, and tons of handcrafted jewelry. However, her tone of voice makes you anxious about what she's going to say.
  2. You shoot a questioning look at Stella, but she just gives you a shrug and starts to walk away. Justin follows her, giving you one last look, as you walk into the library. Inside, the library is a lot larger than it seemed. Books of every size fill shelves that cover the border of the room and reach up to the twice-than-normal height ceilings. There is a long wooden table at the far end of the room and a collection of comfortable-looking armchairs closer to you. Stella's mom sits in one of these, so you take the seat across from her. "So why did you call me in here, Ms. Lumini?" you ask her nervously.
  3. "I've always told you; you can just call me Luna, no need for the formal title stuff," she says, "I wanted to talk to you because I have a feeling that you have many questions still and I can answer them. I want to provide you with as much information as possible so that you know what your position in the magical world is. Since I'm also the overarching leader of this team, I would like to extend a membership to you as well. However, before we start with all this serious talk, I'm sure you're hungry; help yourself." Stella's mom/ Luna indicates to a giant platter on the table full of baked goods. Your stomach grumbles at the sight of all the doughnuts and bagels, cupcakes and muffins, pastries and scones piled onto the platter.
  4. After you sit down again with your choice(s), Luna hands you a cup of tea. "Now," Luna says, "We can begin. I just want to say a few words and then we can let the questioning begin. As you very well may have heard, you are the Milia... a mortal who comes only once every 1,000 years and has the ability to transform into a magical form that is a mix of the strongest current immortal beings. You also have the unique ability to control access to the world that the immortals now live in because of the Spirit Medallion which was created by the last Milia. This medallion and its gem counterparts are what my nephew, Blake, and his companions are seeking to destroy in order to open the immortal world and let them once again roam this world. I saw that this would lead to chaos, but he won't listen. In response, I formed this team, and we have partnered up with other teams around the world to resist this movement and to keep the medallion safe."
  5. "The team members you have met form the core of our forces, and we would be more than willing to add you to the team if you want. Regardless, we will help to train you because time is ticking as Blake gets closer to his goal, and you will be an integral part, whichever side that you take. Now, since you're done with your food perhaps you'd like to ask a few questions?" Luna stops talking and looks at you expectingly. Tons of thoughts are running through your head, but you want to ask her:
  6. "Well... I was wondering how many semi-immortals there are in the world and how many of them are with us or against us," you say. "That's an interesting question," Luna comments, "To my knowledge, there are a couple thousands of semi-immortals in the world, but keep in mind that not all of these people necessarily know they have magical blood in them. The magical side of the world is just as complex as the mortal side of the world, so keeping track of who is on what side is very difficult. We do know that my nephew, Blake, seems to have the strongest gathering of semi-immortals that want the Spirit Medallion. The core of his team is large, about several dozen. He has several commanders within his core team to help him as well as other commanders who lead independent teams that report to him, and he has made several allies. I would say our forces are about half to two-thirds the size of his, but we can't be sure whether that number is accurate."
  7. You pause for a moment before you ask, "Blake is your family, how did it get so bad that you're fighting each other?" Luna sighs and lowers her eyes, looking so sad that you feel guilty for asking the question. You're about to apologize for asking such a personal question when she begins, "Perhaps I pushed them too hard without explaining. Both Jack and Blake ran away when I was trying to figure out what was going on and how to deal with them. Blake has a rebellious streak though, unlike anything Jack ever had. He's too far gone for family to mean anything to him anymore. In my heart, I want to believe that my nephew, the one I raised, would not engage in this type of behavior or spend time with such cruel people. I don't know anymore, but the Blake I last saw 7 years ago was a good person... I can only hope that that person still exists within him."
  8. "You said I can control this... 'spirit medallion'? What is it and does it have anything to do with those necklaces the team has?" you ask. "A good question," Luna says, "The necklaces that the team wears were fashioned after the style of the Spirit Medallion. Each necklace has a gem that we fill with the strongest power of each of the people who we want to communicate with. That way, when a person with a necklace has access to their power, which happens in their magical form, after a lot of training, or when they're under a lot of emotion, they can communicate with and know the location of anyone else whose power is in the necklace. Because the participants put some of their power into the gem, they become weaker, but the gem becomes stronger. The Spirit Medallion is unique because it contains, not powers, but the souls of all the immortals trapped in the other world, making it even stronger than a gem filled with the same number of powers."
  9. "People keep calling me the Milia. I know what that means now, but what am I supposed to do?" you question. "What we expect from you, you are to decide what you want to do. Blake and the others who want control over the immortal world will try to find and capture you because you are the only one who can completely control the medallion safely. Blake will try especially hard to find you because we believe he wants to destroy the medallion which is only possible if the creator of the medallion fuses the medallion and all the spirit gems together. The result would be absolute control over the world in either its destruction or preservation. However, the process is highly dangerous because of all the spirits in the medallion. We believe there's enough in it to kill you and everyone within a mile radius, but it's your choice if you want to help Blake or not."
  10. You decide to ask something that's been on your mind a lot recently, "Why do you all treat me like I'm so important? I mean, I don't even have any magical blood in me and hardly have any training, yet you act as if I'm so powerful." Luna smiles, "It's because you are, _______. As the Milia, you're free from the faults of the immortals such as a desire for blood, souls, or other callings. You wouldn't believe how these weaknesses can hinder a semi-immortal. You also have access to a wide variety of abilities because of your mix of immortal types. Though I do have to admit you're quite inexperienced and undertrained, I'll see what I can do about that. You know, disregarding all that makes you as the Milia important, I suspect that you're more so special with a few specific guys, for other, quite unrelated reasons." She pointedly looks at you, and you blush at her observation.
  11. Luna stands up, "I have to go now, and I hope I've given you enough information, _______. If you ever want to learn more, feel free to read any of these books." You stand up too, putting your tea cup on the table, "Okay, thank you, Ms. Lu- Luna." She smiles at you warmly, "_______, I know this life is tough, and you miss your family. I want you to know that you can come to me for anything. This house can be your house and our family can be your family. I'll be around, and I wish you luck in your training. By the way, _______, any of these boys is quite the catch, so work some charm, strut your stuff, and most important, be yourself," saying that with a wink, she leaves.
  12. You're not quite sure what you should do next... It's been a while since you actually had free time and aren't fighting off Logan. You decide to check out the rest of the house, so that you know where everything is if you have to find it. You leave the lab area through the transparent wall; apparently it's only locked from the outside. Out in the hallway, there is a set of double doors and a single one. Since the double doors are closer, you decide to check out what's behind there first.
  13. Behind the doors is just another hallway. The ceiling, though, is made out of glass, and the sun shines down, making the area seem cheerful. Many doors are on either side of the hallway, but when you open them, all you see is the same setup of a twin bed, dresser, and desk. Some of the rooms have bags in them, and, even though you're wary of intruding on someone's privacy, you sneak closer in one of the rooms to check it out. Hanging from one of the bag's handles is an identification tag on a pink ribbon. It reads: Marisa Louisa -----. The last name is scribbled out with a thick, black permanent marker. You tilt the tag, trying to read it, but at whatever angle you put it, the name is still unreadable. "Excuse me, that would be mine," a peeved, female voice says, making you jump and drop the tag.
  14. You turn around to see a woman who looks like she could be Eva's twin, with the same shaped face, the same colored red hair, and the same green eyes except this girl's hair is short, straightened, and parted to the side and her eyes seem brighter and more deadly, like a venomous green. Not to mention that this girl's style is completely different. While Eva was wearing a flowery, flowing skirt and matching pastel blue top with a cardigan, this girl is wearing black leather leggings with metal studs, a white spaghetti-strapped tank top, a spiked collar, and a pair of black booties with 5-inch stiletto heels that look like they could kill. She glares at you suspiciously, "Who do you work for and what are you looking for? Spit it out or I'll have to get nasty." You stand up caustiously, unsure what to do. Whatever you do, the decision needs to be made soon.
  15. Turns out your delay is making her impatient, though, because she takes a step towards you, narrowing her eyes as if sizing you up to see how much of a fight you'll put up. "Whoa, whoa, calm down Marisa!" a voice shouts and someone grabs her arm. You see that its Cory as he puts himself in between you two. "That's _______, she's one of us," he explains. Marisa's suspicious eyes never leave your face, "If she's one of us, then why is she nosing around in my stuff?"
  16. "I'm sorry," you start to apologize, "I was just-" You pause, trying to think of a good excuse that won't make this Marisa anymore angry. "She was just being curious because _______ is a curious person... very curious," Cory interrupts for you, discreetly adding a wink in your direction so that Marisa doesn't see. "Whatever," Marisa says letting most of the hostility out of her voice, "Don't let it happen again. And Cory? I don't want to know how her curiousity and you are connected, so kindly keep the details of what you get up to out of my room. I'll see you later."
  17. Taking that as a cue, Cory puts his arm around your waist and escorts you out of the room. As soon as you pass the doorway, Marisa shuts the door, and you swear you can hear the click as the lock is turned. "You can stop that now," you say, sliding out of his grasp. "Aw, I was enjoying that," Cory puts on a fake sad face, but you can tell he's amused.
  18. You shake your head and let it go, "So who was that?" "She's the alpha of the local pack, quite fiery isn't she?" he grins, "Even more so ever since she got the news about Greg. Look what she did to me this morning," Cory shows you a bruise on his shoulder, "That's from her teeth this morning. She took over my training since Kris is assigned rest duty, and she does not play nice. I guess you already met the rest of the pack, her identical twin, Eva, and Eva's boyfriend, Max?"
  19. "I saw them by Kris's room," you answer. Cory laughs, "That's because they're assigned to guard duty, but their job is more keeping Kris in the room than keeping Blake's people out. Stella pulled some strings to get that to happen... she's worried he's going to go hurt himself again by doing too much activity." "Speaking of injuries..." you begin, "What happened last night?" "Struck by lightning and that somehow managed to counteract the potion I took as well as give me a huge headache. Though... the headache might be because apparently I got a concussion, I don't know. Luna cleared me, this morning, and I went to prove to my parents I was alive, not like they were exactly worrying."
  20. "That friend of yours... what's his name went to go reason with his parents, as soon as I came back. The police is out looking for both of you," Cory informs you. "What? Still the police?" you exclaim. "On the run from the law, are you, ________?" Cory laughs, "Been a bad girl I guess." He winks at you, and you roll your eyes. By now, you and Cory have walked into the family room. He sits down on one of the couches and pats the space next to him. "Come on, _______. I don't bite... unless it's necessary," he grins.
  21. You sit next to him, and you two talk. After you run out of things to talk about, Cory turns the TV on and starts flipping through the channels. "Wait," you exclaim, and he pauses on Cartoon Network. " Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf," he reads, grinning, "Funny, ________, are you trying to send a message?" "Well it just started, and everyone loves Scooby-doo," you reply back innocently. He laughs, shaking his head, but he doesn't change the channel. You two watch the movie together, and Cory makes you laugh as he compares the different monsters in the movie to people you know.
  22. Anddd that's a wrap for this part :P Sorry it took SOOO long. I guess to make up for that I'll get the next part out sooner... Anyway, whose result would you like?

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