Don't leave me hanging part 10

This is the tenth part of my first story quiz. You might want to take the others if you haven't already. I can't believe I've made 10 parts :O Sorry, sorry, sorry, this one is super late D: I've been off the site for a while. And thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who has read my series. Seeing that you're interested still makes me remember how much I love writing these.

Recap: You were kidnapped by Logan, Blake's right-hand man who says that he's acting independently. In his dungeon, you meet two girls, Kiki (has screaming fits) and Alissa (very upbeat), in the cell to your right and a guy, Greg (stands up for you), in the cell to your left. You also meet Quincy, the cool, yet still dangerous master of the dungeon. By the way that picture is Logan's symbol.

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. "_______, right?" a weak voice asks you to your left. It's that girl, Kiki. You nod, careful not to do anything else in case it sets off another fit. "I'm not psycho or anything," she grins ruefully, "Well I guess being in here for a year would put my sanity on a shaky balance." Without a response from you, she turns and shows you the marks on her neck. "You know what these are? A vampire bite, my ticket to another prison," she explains bitterly, "And I'm supposed to be grateful for living this long here. You have to escape. And take Alissa with you, she's only been here for a month and the bosses have lost interest. She won't survive here." Kiki begins to tremble, closing her eyes. "If I start screaming, don't take it personally," she urges. "Actually, I'm just going to sleep,it's been an exhausting day," you excuse yourself. Kiki just nods, thoughts elsewhere. What do you dream of?
  2. You wake up to someone shaking you and flinch back from their touch. Taking a couple seconds to adjust to your surroundings, you realize that it's the scar guy, Greg, who is now back in his cell. He looks more battered, with new bruises on his cheek as if he were punched in the face. "_______, I need to talk to you," he whispers. You approach, driven by pure curiousity. "What?" you ask.
  3. His eyes search your face. "You've been hanging around magic people for a few days now haven't you?" he asks. "Well, look where I am. How do you think I got here?" you reply. Greg seems to ignore your tone, and he continues as if mumbling to himself, "Still... too much magic around you... yet, you smell human. You're not a descendent from the immortals, at least not one I know," his eyes widen, "You're a human with a magical form, aren't you? Do you know that your type only comes along every millineum?" "Yeah, that's what Jack told me, and what did you just say and how do you know and who are you?" you ask, the questions all flood out of your mouth. You realize it might not have been a good idea to tell this stranger about Jack.
  4. "Shh, don't say his name so loud, if the guards hear, you'll probably be brought to interrogation. I am glad that you've met him, saves me a trip when we get out of here," he whispers, "Sorry, I'm talking about escaping with you and didn't properly introduce myself. I'm Greg, alpha male of the local pack." "Pack as in werewolf?" you ask hesitantly. "Yes, why? Never seen a werewolf before?" he grins. "Well if you know Jack, then you know Cory. He's a werewolf and I've met him," you explain. "Him?" Greg scoffs, "I tried recruiting him into my pack, but he refused... terrible waste of talent."
  5. "Anyway," he continues, "You have some training in your magical form, right?" "Um, I don't even know how to switch into my other form," you admit. Greg curses under his breath. "Oh well, we'll have to deal with us against at least 20 werewolves, a vampire-werwolf mix, and an elf." You pale at the numbers, "Are you sure?" "Definitely, the wolves are the guard and staff and such, the mix is Logan himself and Quincy is the elf," he explains.
  6. "Well... Alissa and Kiki should be coming," you say hopefully. "No. They're not," he replies abruptly. "Why not?" you ask, "We can't just leave them here. Alissa said Kiki won't survive if she stays here. Don't you care at all?" Greg's face darkens, "You don't understand. Escaping is going to be sneaking around, not fighting our way out. There are more prisoners than just us four, do you plan to bring them all? Escaping from here is more like sneaking out, not fighting out. No one will make if out if we take everyone. Besides, if you asked them, many wouldn't even want to come."
  7. You turn away to give yourself time to think. Did you really want to save yourself and leave everyone else to suffer or did you want to bring everyone else, increasing the chances drastically of everyone suffering. It's not something you really want to think of, so you decide to test out Greg's last statement and ask Alissa if she would like to escape with you.
  8. Alissa's innocent and unmarred face, so out of place in this gloomy dungeon, registers surprise at the mention of escape. "Me? Why?" she questions as if you had just asked her to do something unthinkable, "I'm good here. I think... I think I might be in love with Logan. He's so protective and mature, I probably couldn't leave even if I was forced to."
  9. "Alissa, didn't you see what he did to Greg? I mean look at your arm! Those bruises must've come from him; I know they're no accident." She lightly rubs her arms, "I know it looks bad, but he just has a short temper and doesn't know the extent of his strength." "Look at Kiki," you insist, "He did that to her and you can't deny it." Her voice takes on a harsher tone, "Quincy gave her those scars; Logan is giving her a new life where she won't get hurt anymore. If you can't appreciate that, then, fine, leave."
  10. Her outburst makes your decision for you. You swing around to Greg, "What's your plan?" He doesn't look surprised at your question. "Besides working quick? Make it up as we go," he says, "I'll start with breaking us out. Logan's henchmen failed to fix the cell correctly after his temper tantrum." He hits a bar of his cell with the heel of his hand, bending it almost to the point of breaking. He continues until there is the same size hole as before. He climbs out, ripping off the bent bars, four of them. You cringe at the screeching sound each makes.
  11. "Won't they come?" you ask as he gets to work lockpicking your door. "No, they'll think its the girl and I heard that Blake won't be here tonight. If he's not here, they don't care. Also, we can count on a room of drunk guards." He opens the door and hands you 2 of the metal bars when you walk out, motioning you to follow him. Before you can take a step after him, a hands grabs your ankle, causing you to stumble.
  12. It's Kiki, her gray eyes look frantic and desperate. "_______, I need you to promise me one thing before you leave, I don't have much time left," she begs, sounding unlike her cynical self. "I'm sorry, Kiki," you plead, "Greg won't let me take y-" "It's not that," she interrupts you and she sucks in a breath of air as she has a trembling attack. You note that the irises in her eyes flicker between purple and their normal green. "Not that," she repeats fainter as her trembling gets worse.
  13. "Time is running out. I want you to promise me... that if we meet again," she stops and represses a scream with a whimper. "If we meet again," she gasps, "Kill me. Promise it. No matter how I act. Kill me." "Wait what? I can't do that," you protest. "For crying out loud," Kiki surprises you by almost shouting, "I have Logan's venom in me. I'll be a crazed monster like him. Just do a favor for me and the rest of the world." Her grip is frighteningly strong on your ankle as she waits for your answer.
  14. She lets go of you regardless of your answer when her trembling becomes more violent. During the conversation, Greg seems to have gone on, so you walk cautiously along the only passage. The quietness and repetitiveness of the stone creeps you out somehow and you are relieved when you emerge into a larger room and see Greg leaning up against a large doorway.
  15. "There you are, _______. I took care of the guards and it seems like they all have uniforms, this black trench coat with Blake's symbol on them," he indicates to an orange and black spiderweb swirl on the lapel of the coat he's now wearing, "Except Logan switched out the silver for orange. Anyway, you should grab one too from the guard house over there, so that we can pass at first glance as a guard. Only thing is, you're not nearly ferocious enough to be a werewolf guard for Logan." You growl at him and stick out your tongue when he laughs.
  16. The guard room is a mess. Four guards are slumped on the floor, one seemingly tripped on a pool of spilled alcohol. Two more hang off their chairs and another lies on the table. You take the coat of the guard nearest to you, who seems to be the smallest one there. When you put it on, it fits a little loosely, but not unbearably. You leave the room and follow Greg out past the doorway. Unexpectedly, he turns back and touches the side of the opening.
  17. A hidden wall slides out to cover the opening, making the same metallic sounds you remember when you were brought here and covering the opening so well that it's indistinguishble from the surrounding stone wall. "We were in the priority cells," Greg explains softly, "Everyone else is imprisoned on this side, so imitate a little guard swagger in your step." He beings walking, looking side to side authoritively. You stride next to him, hiding your nervousness in an expression of disdain and boredom. You make it past the rows of cells and to the stairs without a problem since most prisoners don't dare to raise their eyes as you walk by. Their fear stirs your empathy, and, before you ascend the iron stairs, you whisper, "I'm sorry."
  18. "That's the exit. Logan probably took you through more turns to confuse you, right?" Greg questions. You just nod because now, seeing that door has you completely pre-occupied on it and the escape it means. Every part of you is telling you to run to that door and yank it open, but your reason tells you it would blow your cover. Still, each step to the door seems excrutiatingly slow.
  19. When you finally reach the door and open it, the feeling of fresh air is exhilarating. The wind blowing through your hair feels so refreshing and can't take your eyes off of the full moon brightening the black velvet sky as you run outside with abandon, savoring the freedom from Logan's house.
  20. Distracted as you are, you run straight into something solid and fall to the ground. Looking up, you see a girl looking down at you, her surprised look turning into one of inhuman viciousness as she growls at you, shaking her crazy curls of copper hair out of her face. Before your eyes, she morphs into a reddish wolf. As if from a distance, you hear Greg's voice yelling at you to run, but your body doesn't seem to listen. The wolf howls, piercingly loud.
  21. You brace yourself for an attack, but you're pushed over by something furry. A brown wolf, launching itself at the reddish wolf. They snarl, biting and wrestling with each other. You push yourself up and run blindly in panic, but before you can make it even 50 yards away, you run into a couple of guys with a killer gleam in their eyes. There is no doubt in your mind that these guys are part of Logan's group too. You back up, stumbling and looking for the next place to go, but all you see are more, equally threatening-looking people, forming a triple ring around you and the still-fighting wolves.
  22. You look at the fighting wolves and see the brown one throw the reddish one off of his back. She lands a couple of feet away, disturbing the outermost ring. From there, she whimpers and stays down. The ring of people around you growl as a whole, creeping you out even more, and 2 of them step forward and morph into wolves, one gray and one tan, both larger than the brown wolf. You try to run forward when they viciously attack him simutaneously, but hands clamp down on your arms, holding you back.
  23. "Stop it!" you scream, "You're all filthy cowards. The idea of a fair fight scares you. It's sick that you call yourselves werewolv-" A hand covers your mouth, smothering the rest of your sentence. You struggle to break free, twisting your arms, shaking your head and biting, but it's no use. To your further dismay, you glimpse even more reinforcements, one flying in, and two running in. Quincy must be coming...
  24. SO... whose result would you like to read (sorry, but the results this time aren't that great :/ Oh and Quincy, Logan, Owen, and all the different werewolf people aren't results [and yes, I'm sorry I left this at a cliffhanger]

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