Does your internet crush like you? (Girls version)

Internet crushes are inevitable at some point in your life, but he true question is how your internet crush feels about you. Does he feel the same way towards you?

Take this quiz to discover what his actions show about him. You may or may not be surprised by the results, but you will definitely be guided to the right direction that you should go with him.

Created by: Likeaboss
  1. How long ago did the two of you meet?
  2. How often does he compliment you on your looks?
  3. Does he compliment you on your personality?
  4. Has he told you that he likes you?
  5. Are you sure he looks like he says he does?
  6. Who usually starts the conversations between you two?
  7. How often do you two speak?
  8. What do you two usually talk about?
  9. How much does he tell you about him?
  10. What does he do when you have a problem?
  11. How does he greet you?
  12. Have you two ever made plans to meet up?
  13. Does he talk about girls?
  14. Do you two talk about the future?
  15. Why do you like him?

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Quiz topic: Does my internet crush like you? (Girls version)