Are you going to meet your BTS bias/crush in the future?

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Hello friends! This is my first ever quiz I made! Yaay! Let's see how it goes, shall we? :) You know the rules.. have fun! Don't be sad if you got a bad answer :(

Oh and you might get results that aren't really true, so if you get "No, you won't meet your crush" then don't cry.. or if you get "Yes, you will meet your crush" these aren't really real so.. but you might actually get to see you bias one day(you never know if these answers are truly accurate ;))! But other than that, good luck! (Oh and there are no correct or incorrect answers! I had to put a "correct answer" for each question, but it wasn't on purpose!)

Created by: Jiminie_BTS
  1. Tell me, how loyal are you?
  2. Are you confident in yourself?
  3. Could you say that you are trustworthy?
  4. Who is your bias?
  5. Could you say that you are more of a heart stealer or a heart breaker? (Be honest!)
  6. Who would you most likely date?
  7. What do you hate mostly about a person?
  8. And lastly, well.. are you going to meet your bias(crush)in the future??
  9. All done! Hopefully you liked this quiz! This was my first ever quiz created, don't forget to comment! Bye, I am going to look at BTS memes and watch BTS videos now owo ..
  10. .. Just saying, if you get a bad answer .. don't panic, ok?!

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Quiz topic: Am I going to meet my BTS bias/crush in the future?