Does your (girl) Crush like you?

This quiz is to see if your crush likes, or loves you! Your crush could be Interested in you, depending on your Socialism. If you want to see if she likes you, then take this quiz to find out!

If you Are confident with your score, give this quiz a rating! I'm sorry if some of the questions don't make sense to you, of If there's only 10 questions.

Created by: Jaydennn
  1. What does she do when she sees you?
  2. Where do you mostly see her at? (This wont affect your score)
  3. Does she like to talk/message/call you a lot?
  4. How did y'all meet? (wont affect the score just asking btw)
  5. What is the main reason you have a crush on her?
  6. When she hangs out with her friends, What does her friends do when they see you?
  7. How do you communicate with her other than in person?
  8. If you ever played any (school) sport, does she come to your games?
  9. What does she do when you talk to her?
  10. Last question, Have you ever asked her out before?

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Quiz topic: Does my (girl) Crush like you?