Does your ex still like you?

This is for all you people who can't understand if your ex still likes you. I have to fill this thing so watch out for SQUASH!! And SMILE!!! SO SEE YA!!

I already told you, SQUASH!!!!Music Love Laugh..BOo... DId I ScArE YoU? DaRn It. HaVe YoU hAd FrIed IcE cReAm? I kNoW iT iS sO GoOd. YuMmy. Do YoU oWn A candy factory? I know I am random but isn't everyone?

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  1. First things first who ended it?
  2. Do they like to talk to you?
  3. Do they ever want to hang out?
  4. Do they act different around you?
  5. Have you ever seen him/her talking about you to their friends.
  6. Do they dislike when you are talking to other people?
  7. The important questions are over so relax.
  8. Did you like my quiz?
  9. So are you ready to see your results?
  10. Sorry if you thought that was the last question this is, so BYEEE!!!

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Quiz topic: Does my ex still like you?