PLL QUIZ how well do you know PLL

There are very few people out there who actually watch Pretty Little Liars and I understand it is a very hard show to understand sooner or later you'll find out what it is truly about please watch it.

If you are a pretty little liars fan from the heart thing you could possibly pass this test or if you don't know a lot but you still love the show and this is the test for you take the test try your best.

Created by: jazmen betancourt of this site
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  1. Who goes missing
  2. Who is the first to get a message from
  3. Who do the cops automatically blame for alis disapperance
  4. Is hanna a lesbian
  5. Who almost married Wren
  6. Who is Emily's first female love
  7. Whose dad is in the military
  8. Whose father is in the military
  9. Who moves into Alison's old house
  10. Who is dating toby

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Quiz topic: PLL QUIZ how well do I know PLL