How well do you know Pretty Little Liars?

Hi, I see your wondering what my quiz is about well let me tell you My quiz is about the whole series of episodes from a big TV show called Pretty Little Liars id you don't watch it or know anything about it then this isn't the quiz for you but if you love PLL and know alot about it then come and we will adventure the quiz

Are you a Pretty Little Liars fan, BIG FAN,HUGE FAN or a HUMUNGUS FAN well let's see shall we, we must learn together aswell some of these questions you might not know but just think think think and enjoy Thank you for reading have a nice time in my quiz

Created by: Abbie
  1. Who plays Spencer Hastings?
  2. Who does Emily Stab in the lighthouse?
  3. Who is A?
  4. Who was Emily's first kiss (with a girl) with?
  5. Who was in Ali's grave?
  6. Who found out the name of A?
  7. What are was Sasha when they shot the Pilot episode?
  8. Who is Dating their teacher and who is the teacher?
  9. Is this statement true or false Alison is adopted and is really Spencer's sister
  10. Who does Spencer and up going out with in season 6B and 7?
  11. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  12. Do you want me to make more quizes?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pretty Little Liars?