Pretty little liars, our favourite tv show, is finally coming to an END! I''ll miss Pretty little liars soooooooooooo much! PLL has made such a big impact on my life and you have no idea how much it means to me.

R u a PLL ADDICT? Do you know everything about this series? If you classify for PLL ADDICT, you get to be my assistant! Lol, jokes! Take this quiz to find out: Your little lies.

Created by: Ashvinii
  1. Who was the first A ever?
  2. Who helps Mona after she comes back from Radley?
  3. Who killed Garrett?
  4. Who gives Hanna alcohol at her dad's engagement pARTY?
  5. What does Emily's dad die from?
  6. who shot spencer n s7b?
  7. Who is Ali's husband?
  8. Who is Mary-Drake?
  9. Who was Red Coat?
  10. who do u think is my fave liar?

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