Which Liar Are You?

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There are 5 Pretty Little Liars. This quiz is a test for your to find out which of these Liars you are mostly like. The 5 Liars are full of surprises. Are you?

Out of the 5 Liars, only 4 of them made it onto this quiz; Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily. Are YOU even a liar? We'll find out after you take this amazing quiz!

Created by: wolfy.is.queen
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  1. When your friends are upset about a boy/girl (date), you...
  2. After school, you...
  3. When you are home alone you..
  4. Your favorite show is..
  5. When you're upset you..
  6. Your choice in a guy, is..
  7. Your favorite type of movie is..
  8. Your favorite type of show is..
  9. Out of all of the PLL boys, _______ is your favorite.
  10. Out of all of the PLL parents, you like _______ the most.
  11. Out of all of the Liars, _________ is your favorite.

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Quiz topic: Which Liar am I?