what pretty little liars character are you?

If you would like to know which Pretty Little Liars character you are most like, take my quiz! If you don`t watch Pretty Little Liars, take the quiz anyway! But, if you don`t watch it, you should definitely start.

Wanna know which character you are most like. Take the quiz! Find out if you`re most like Aria, Emily, Spencer, Alison, Hanna, Mona, Toby or Ezra! :))

Created by: riley335
  1. How tall are you?
  2. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend
  3. What colour is your hair? (choose the answer with your gender)
  4. What is your style
  5. Who do you date
  6. Whats your eye colour
  7. How many friends do you have
  8. Now, those are all the questions I have to ask, so, I`m going to ask you a few questions about Pretty Little Liars. This will not count for your results. Who is your favourite character
  9. What was your favourite season
  10. Who is A

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Quiz topic: What pretty little liars character am I?