Does your crush like you?

There are so many people that spend such a long time not knowing if their crush likes them. Now you can know. Take this quiz to determine if they like you or not.

Does your crush like you? Do you care? You probably would if you're taking this quiz. Take this quiz for all the people that never know if anyone likes them.

Created by: nksnow

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  1. When you look at them do they smile?
  2. Do they talk to you like a friend or a girl friend/boy friend?
  3. They say "Hi" to you everyday.
  4. Have they ever called you cute, hott, or pretty?
  5. Does he/she make you laugh?
  6. Does he/she know that you like them?
  7. Do they get you gifts?
  8. Do they like your friend?
  9. Have they pushed their friends away for you?
  10. (this doesn't have any effect on the quiz) Will you comment and rate?
  11. What do you think you will get?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?