Does Your Crush Even Like You

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There are so many people out there who have crushes. Maybe its someone you just happen to notice out of the blue one day or maybe its someone you've known for years. Everyone has someone that they would love to be with.

Do you have a crush on someone. Do you get butterflies whenever you see that person or get tongue tied whenever you try to speak to them. How many times have you wondered if they like you back. Take this quiz to find out just how much your crush likes you.

Created by: Rnorton
  1. Does your crush even know your name?
  2. How often does your crush see you?
  3. How often does your crush catch you staring at them?
  4. Does your crush ever text you for no reason?
  5. Does your crush seem nervous when they speak to you?
  6. Have you ever been on a date with your crush?
  7. When you text your crush do they reply right away?
  8. How long have you known your crush?
  9. Does your crush smile when they see you?
  10. Does your crush have a Significant other?
  11. Do you ever get to see your crush outside of work/school?
  12. Is your crush Physically Attractive?
  13. Does your crush ever ask for your help with school/work related things?
  14. What do you like about your crush?

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