Does he seriously LoVe you?

Some people aren't sure if their crush likes them at all. I dunno if my crush even likes me!!! I was worried if he did or not, so I created this test to help the people like me.

Are YOU wondering if your crush likes you or not?!?! You can just take this simple test to find out!! After you take the test, you can find out if your crush seriously likes you.

Created by: wynnie
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  1. Does he blush when he talks to you?
  2. Does he do stupid things to get your attention?
  3. Does he laugh at you're lame jokes?
  4. Does he try to edge near you, or join your girl groups?
  5. Does he try to be your partner in anything?
  6. Does he smile at you at all?
  7. Does he talk to you a lot?
  8. About how long does he talk to you?
  9. How much does he flirt with you?
  10. How tall are you, and how tall is him?

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