Does ur crush like u even though he has a girlfriend

Ok here's the break down, you like this guy but he has a girlfriend. You wonder if he likes u even though he has someone in his life and if so does he like you more?

Well if that's the case then take this quiz to find out! But before here's a little bit about me, I like this boy and it is pretty obvious that he likes me, it's just his girlfriend who also happens to be my arch enemy, is in the way. If you got 100% chances are you story is similar to mine!😊 SORRY FOR SPELLING ERRORS!!!!

Created by: Angelie

  1. When ur crush stares at u does it feel like everything around u goes away and does it feel like u had been staring at him for a million years?
  2. Does he ever touch u in any way.( touched your hands, legs, face)
  3. Does u ever notice that his girlfriend maybe looking back at you with a dirty look? ( me: BTW! This probably means that it's obvious that ur crush who also happens to be her boyfriend, likes u😁😁
  4. Do u guys talk out of school, maybe hanging out, texting, calling, and such?
  5. Has he ever given u any signs that he might like u?
  6. Ok these next few questions will be kinda stupid but bare with me.... So that your score doesn't get jacked answer what I tell u to. Answer: yellow
  7. Answer: fruit
  8. Is he cute?
  9. Did u like this quiz? Answer: idk
  10. Ok finally, last u think he likes u?

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