Does she like me?

every guy has a crush on someone or has had a crush on someone.this quiz will tell you if she likes you back. i should know how girls flirt because i am a girl.

some girls will blow you a kiss,wink,and try to touch you. so does she like you? take this quiz to find out. only twelve short questions on this quiz!!!!(:

Created by: maddi

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. does she flirt with other guys to get your attention?
  2. does she stare at you more than other girls?
  3. does she want to be around you?
  4. does she stare at you 4 more than 3 seconds?
  5. does she fix her hair more than she normally does when she is around you?
  6. does she treat you different than other guys?
  7. does she text,call,talk on facebook, myspace often?
  8. do you like her
  9. are you her type? remember oposites attract!!!!!
  10. why did you take this quiz?

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