Does he truly love you?

There are many girls who like their crushes,but are too afraid to talk to them because they might say something stupid... Are you and him meant to be? Or No?

Are you being crushed on? Does HE like YOU?! Take this quiz,please.And,you'll find just a few minutes with only 12 questions.You'll see if you and him are a cute couple.Or going to be.

Created by: One Direction Lover
  1. Is he your boyfriend?
  2. Have you ever seen his face?
  3. You're in the halls.. You see him,Next,You drop your books and fall down..... He:
  4. Does he ever stare at you and smile like he's flirting?
  5. Which kind of operation would you call him?
  6. Did he ever try to prank call you,or text you messages like, ''Beautiful.Lol.'' or something like those cute hints?
  7. If you keep answering ''I wish'' as your answers,you're going to get a bad result on this quiz.
  8. At school,your friend says, '' I like who you like too! He's mine!!!'' What would you say or do to her?
  9. Did he ever blow kisses to you,or show you a ''Call me'' sign? Or,show a heart to you?
  10. Last question... Do you think he likes you?

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