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  • I kind of asked them already they said Friends but I like like you 1% more but on this I got 88% I dont know we are both pan so we dont really care what gender and are very single best friend ( Dang she friend zoned me super hard)

    King of nerds
  • Dude, first off, I love Shane Dawson (favorite one-"pis*ed off") and second of all, I still don't know whether or not he likes me because I got Yes:) 66%, but then the next closet one is No:( which was 50%...grrr! Great quiz though, make more ;)

  • I got OMFG YES my result was that so and I got an 83% she always compliments me of what I wear like 'I like your shirt' or 'i like your hat' but does complimenting someone means they like you? I wanted to take this test so to see if my crush actually likes me, and she does blushes at me I think, and when we were talking she forgot what she was going to say. Does that mean she likes me?

  • Seriously..? 86%..? Probably..? I'm gay and they probably like me Oh my god seriously

  • Haha, i got the highest result...well, let's us put it zis way...i just take these quizzes for the heck of it. he already asked me out, months ago.

  • thank you so much for helping me

  • yay i got 83%
    is that good

  • I'm omniromantic and pressed 'Yes I'm gay'...
    My crush is pan...

    Red Herring
  • I'm want him to #jate


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