Does he seriously LOVE you? Girls only!

Ok... sooooooo ummmm I don't know what to write!! In this quiz you will be able to find out if that guy really LOVES you, if he's being friendly, or if he just simply HATES you.

The results of this quiz will help your lovelife!! (Ok maybe not...) but atleast it will help you find out if he likes you or not. (By my experience, if the guy sta - Wait i should probably leave that bit to the quiz...) Good luck on the results!!

Created by: hi12345
  1. Does he stare at you all the time?
  2. When he's staring at you, and you look back, does he blush/look away?
  3. Has he ever complimented you, like at school?
  4. Does he blush/look down when u go near him?
  5. Does he try to stand/sit/go near u?
  6. Do YOU like him?
  7. Do you think he likes you?
  8. Do you want this quiz to hurry up and end? (Only 3 more Qs left including this one...)
  9. Does u guys talk? If so does he start the conversation or is it u?
  10. Last question! Do u think u guys would make a cute couple? (This Q doesnt have an effect on the result)

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