Does he SECRETLY like you? (If he is not your friend)

People say that girls are confusing, but many times, boys can be just as unsettling. Why does he ignore you one day but then treat you like a princess the next? Ew, what is he doing?! Does he think that's attractive? Did he just look at me? Was that a smirk, or was that a smile?

Do you think that he really likes you? Or are you just curious to see whether or not if he's interested? Perhaps, you are bored and you want to fill in random answers!

Created by: Fanna
  1. Do you catch him staring at you?
  2. Does he ever go out of his way to be near or around you?
  3. Does he ever talk to you?
  4. How do his friends act around you?
  5. When he is near you/talks to you, what does his body language look like?
  6. Does he run his hands through his hair or straighten his clothing when he is near you or knows you're looking?
  7. Does he ever seem to be looking at your lips when he is near you?
  8. Is he nice to you when IF you talk to each other?
  9. How popular are you in relative to him?
  10. What type of boy is he? (Won't affect your score, just for you to see if he falls into one of these categories.)
  11. How compatible are you two?

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Quiz topic: Does he SECRETLY like you? (If he is not my friend)