Does She Really Like You?

Okay, guys, I know girls can be pretty confusing and we never know what to do. After all, maybe thats why they're seem so attractive. Or are we blinded by the makeup, clothes, and the way they seem to be interested but are just flirting for the sake of fun to notice what they truely feel (I know, I know. That was kinda corny :)

Well wonder no longer! This quiz is very accurate and I've done much research to make this as truthfully as I can. I've questioned girls to see what they do to get a guys attention. Apparently, we're too slow to get it! So take this quiz, then take their hint!

Created by: MusicMaster

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  1. Firstly, how long have you known her?
  2. Is there much of an age difference?
  3. When you talk, does she look directly into your eyes?
  4. Does she give you presents on special occasions? Like your birthday or Christmas.
  5. Do her eyes get a little wider when she sees you?
  6. Does she make little movements to get closer to you? Like laying her hand inches away from yours, trying to inconspiciously take the seat next to you, leaning in when you talk (ect)
  7. do you text\email or facetime\videochat more?
  8. Does she tell you about her day and upcoming events she has? Even though you might not be invited to them?
  9. How much do you know about her?
  10. Does she act nervous around you? (twirling hair, fixing clothes, biting nails....)
  11. Final Question: Does she have any siblings or friends that have hinted she likes you?

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